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Temesi Recycling Facility - Bali
Last modified: 2018-02-14 01:08:36

The escalating waste which is polluting Bali’s formerly pristine environment demands a comprehensive waste solution.

A public campaign without a good comprehensive collection system frustrates and demotivates the public as it cannot comply, and a collection system without a good environmentally friendly waste treatment doesn’t help nature. That is why the Gianyar Waste Recovery Project addresses waste processing first. The initial objective of this project was to research and develop an environmentally friendly, safe and economical waste recovery solution.

Temesi Recycling receive 42 tons biodegredable material daily that is processed into 16 tons compost.

Temesi Recycling Facility


  • Slowly releases plant nutrition so that less or no chemical fertilizer is needed
  • Restores the balance of the soil's ecosystem
  • Supplies important minerals
  • Neutralizes acidic soil
  • Corrects the soil structure
  • Increases biological activity in the soil
  • Improves water retention
  • Acts as disease / pest control
  • Helps with erosion control
  • Contains no pathogens or weed seeds

TEMESI Compost is suitable for hotel, villa and home gardens, paddy fields, vegetable and fruit plantations and golf courses or the restoration of poor soils. Healthy soil contains 10 % biodegredable material, but 50 % of Indonesia’s 8 million hectares of agricultural land contains only 2.5 % biodegredable material, while 5 % are necessary for reasonable harvests. Only compost can improve these deficits.

Temesi RecyclingTemesi Recycling
Temesi RecyclingTemesi Recycling


Awareness building and education are the key issues in tackling Bali's environmental and specifically waste problems.

About 5000 persons visit the TEMESI Educational Center each year. They are mostly elementary or university students, but also government officers, NGOs and interested individuals driven by curiosity. To show them something beyond waste recycling we built an education center that focuses on solid and liquid waste, energy reduction and safe water.

Seeing solutions, combined with interactive and hands-on activities in an educational center have a much longer lasting impact, not only on school children, but also on adult visitors.

The themes presented at the center are:

  • The three RE: reduce - reuse - recycle
  • How the waste recycling facility in TEMESI functions
  • Biogas production from the facility's toilet sewage, followed by a wastewater garden.
  • Lessons in various composting scales and techniques, including vermiculture
  • Health issues about waste and improper handling of hazardous materials
  • SODIS process for easy, no-cost water sterilization to get potable water
  • Binocular microscopes to demonstrate composing microbes and analyze water quality
  • Self-made and third party posters on recycling and other environmental themes
  • Energy saving solutions in Balinese households (e.g. low energy lamps and cooking ovens)
  • Demonstration and assessment of alternative renewable energies (wind, photovoltaic, biomass)
  • Samples of products created from waste and hands-on creation of new objects
  • Production of recycled paper

One of the main goals of TEMESI waste facility is to create a beautiful, healthy, and comfortable environment for ourselves and future generations to come. With the correct infrastructure in place, it is essential to educate the public of current best practices and make visible what successful waste management and environmental work can look like.


Temesi recycling facility is open for tours. Those interested in the process of how they make high quality compost and recycle waste can have a walk through the facility and see what it takes to manage waste successfully. If you are interested in a group visit with more than 10 people please let them know in advance so they can prepare for a successful experience.

Monday-Friday: 9 am – 3 pm

Saturday: 9 am – 12 am

Entry is free of charge


Email : click here

Website : click here


Drive on the main road through Gianyar in direction Klungkung. About 1 km after the Gianyar football field, which is in the middle of the town on your right, you arrive at a traffic light. Continue 1 km further in direction Klungkung and you arrive at a big intersection with another traffic light, where a road turns off left to Bangli. From there, you continue another 250 meters still in direction Klungkung and a medium size paved road turns off to the right to Temesi. Take this right turn and follow the road through the village of Temesi. After about 1.5 km, already well beyond Temesi, you arrive at the TEMESI Facility.

When lost or in doubt, ask for the TPATemesi, about 2 km east of Gianyar.

Temesi Recycling

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