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ecoBali Recycling Composting - Bali
Last modified: 2016-06-28 20:13:33

ecoBali 100% encourages customers to build up their own composting area rather than making organic waste travel by truck!


Do you know that 50-70% of waste produced is biodegradable and compostable? Why throw it away when it can be easily transformed in great compost that can be used in your garden.

Compost builds good soil structure; enables soil to retain nutrients, water, and air; protects against drought; helps maintain a neutral pH, and protects plants from many diseases commonly found in the garden. It also feeds earthworms and other microbial life in the soil. Compost will build up the quality of your soil and reduce or eliminate any need for chemicals.

ecoBali Recycling and Kompos Bali have joined hands to provide you with composting systems that are suitable to your necessities, easy to maintain and make composting an easy and rewarding choice. Using their compost bins and combining household and garden waste and worms, you can make beautiful compost all the time. Their unique layering process is wonderfully easy.

ecoBali Recycling provides a complete composting system suitable for households and business including all materials required to begin composting and they take care of the complete installation and train you and your staff on "how to do it".

The compost bin is made using fully recycled Tetra Pak plastic material. Simple, elegant design, easy to use and more importantly brilliant to make compost in!!!

Why composting? (1) You can reduce Green House Gases since less waste needs to be transported with vehicles, and (2) in landfills biodegredable waste breaks down "anaerobically" roducing methane gas (21 times more harmful than CO2).

EASY - NO SMELL - GREAT RESULTS - You can make beautiful compost all the time.

ecoBali Recycling Composting

Their System Includes

  • Delivery and installation
  • Compost manual
  • Complete readymade system
  • Compost bins (160 Lt.)
    o Anti-vermin net
    o Kitchen bucket
    o Starter compost bags (5)
    o Manure (1 bag)
    o Straw (1 bag)
    o Measuring scoop
    o Anti-ants treatment
  • Onsite training on composting
  • One follow up visit

Cost of Composting Systems

ecoBali Recycling Composting

Households (Readymade Systems)
1 to 2 people in the household Rp. 1.550.000
3 to 4 people in the household Rp. 2.050.000
5 to 7 people in the household Rp. 2.500.000
More than 7 people - price evaluated according
to requirements

Businesses (Customized Systems)
Pricing for villas, restaurants, hotels, etc., vary according to need.
They also supply and deliver consumables (straw, manure, starter compost).

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