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ecoBali Recycling - Bali
Last modified: 2015-03-10 22:31:32

ecoBali Recycling
Sustainable Solutions to Waste Management
Promoting Responsible Waste Disposal and Sustainable Lifestyles in Bali

Founded in 2006
Registered as "PT Bumi Lestari Bali"
Field of operation:ecoBali Recycling

  • Waste management
  • Environmental education 
  • Consultancies on EMS (Environmental Management Systems) for businesses and tourism sector
  • Promote implementation of Environmental Best Practices and sustainable solutions

What are our major concerns?

  • Improper disposal of waste in Bali.
  • Pollution, land degradation, water contamination and health issues due to improper waste management practices.
  • Lack of awareness and education on Environmental Best Practices in Bali (waste, energy, water, etc.)

Our Goals:ecoBali Recycling

  • Achieve a cleaner environment.
  • Encourage "Best Practices" in waste management, working towards a "zero waste" concept.
  • Increase awareness on waste management problems among businesses and individuals in Bali.
  • Promote sustainable solutions in order to promote sustainable lifestyles.
  • Strengthen links among stakeholders (producers, consumers, recycling industries, etc.) in order to facilitate the implementation of available solutions and spread information.

What we do:

  • Promote waste separation and recycling in households, factories, small businesses, hotels, schools and communities to minimize waste disposed.
  • Provide collection services of non-organic waste for households, villas, small hotels, schools, factories, etc.
  • Provide trainings on waste separation while disseminating awareness on good practices of waste disposal.ecoBali Recycling
  • Provide trainings on composting techniques and eco-friendly composting systems.
  • Assist businesses and the hospitality industry in waste management issues through consultancies, assessments and coaching, and tailored solutions and support in the implementation phase.
  • Establish links among stakeholders in order to maximize the recycling of different items. 
  • Develop educational programs in schools to promote waste separation and environmental awareness.

Why waste separation, composting and recycling?

  • It is one of the solutions to Reduce the amount of waste disposed in landfills.

Households: reduction of 40 %
Hotels: reduction of 30-40%
Offices: up to 80% according to type of businessesecoBali Recycling

  • Most of waste is a Resource

Recycling allows recuperating materials that can be transformed into new items with 3 main advantages:
Reduce the amount of waste that needs to be disposed in landfills.
Reduce the quantity of new raw materials utilized.
Reduce the quantity of energy used in the extraction/manufacturing process.
Composting allows for the transformation of most of the bio-degradable waste into great fertilizer and reducing Methane emissions (green gas emissions).

Our Services:

Waste collection

We currently reach households, villa complexes, factories, small hotels, various businesses and schools. ecoBali service operate in the areas of Southern Bali including Kuta, Legian, Seminyak, Umalas, Canggu, Seseh, Sanur, Renon, Jimbaran and UbudecoBali Recycling

ecoBali operates its own sorting center or material recovery facility in Kerobokan. In the sorting centers, the waste is further separated according to categories and then sent to various recycling plants (mostly in Surabaya). The residue (waste that cannot be recycled) is then disposed of in government landfills.

We collect and sort more than 15 tons of non-organic waste each month and recycle up to 11 tons per month.

Composting systems

We actively promote composting as a great solution to manage bio-degradable waste. 50 % of the waste produced daily is bio-degradable and should not be considered waste but a great resource.

We provide composting systems for kitchen and garden waste. Together with Kompos Bali, we have developed beautiful and effective composting bins made of recycled material.ecoBali Recycling

We provide full installation including bins, starter kit, training and manual.

Support to events

We provide support to events providing either bins or/and information sessions.

Current Programs:

"Promoting Recycling of post consumer beverage cartons in Bali" (cartons used for milk, juices, tea, coconut milk, etc.) in collaboration and supported by Tetra Pak Indonesia.

The program focuses on collaboration with collectors, hotels, schools and communities in order to spread awareness on waste disposal best practices in general and recycling of beverage cartons specifically.ecoBali Recycling

One of the program goals is to create a collection network of Tetra Pak cartons to establish a viable and sustainable recycling system.

Awareness sessions, collection and distribution of information material and tools are provided to stakeholders involved.

In partnership with the Bali Hotel Association, the number of hotels participating has reached 30 and the number of schools 16 with more than 5000 students involved.ecoBali Recycling

"School education" Program

We provide support in developing educational programs in schools to promote waste separation and environmental awareness.

We provide sessions for teachers and students including information material.


For more info visit ecoBali website or email

Office and sorting facilities:
Jl. Banjar Beluran 3, Kuta Utara - Bali, Indonesia

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ecoBali Recycling - Bali
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