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Cleaning without Chemicals
Last modified: 2016-08-31 23:01:39

Cleaning without ChemicalsIf you could reduce chemical use in your home by 5%, would you? 25%? More? Vinegar, baking soda, and sodium percarbonate can help you !! For cleaning and washing. All for cleaning without chemicals.

In reusable containers, too !!

Floors, windows, ceramic, sinks, stove, laundry and more.

5 ltr vinegar, 1 kg baking soda, 1 kg sodium percarbonate.

Ibu Desak started this business because she needed some extra income, and has already started selling and limited delivery. She's used the products herself in her job as house helper. Just start - and support Ibu Desak a small business.

Starter course, too. Lots of ideas how to use natural products to clean.

Delivery in central areas of Ubud or pick up in Kedewatan. For other area please contact Ibu Desak.

Ibu Desak 8-2 Mon - Fri 081 916 247 767 If English only, please sms. Or contact her via Facebook here.

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Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
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