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Last modified: 2010-08-02 00:44:46
Veco Indonesia, an NGO focusing on sustainable farming, has called on Bali residents to turn to organic alternatives in an attempt to promote healthy eating habits.

Iman Suharto from Veco admitted that public awareness of the production and consumption of healthy food remained very low among farmers, food producers and consumers in Indonesia, including in Bali.

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Many are convinced that we need industrial agriculture to feed the world, that there is no other way. But they believe that too easily. The truth is that family farmers can and do perform far better than the agro-industry.

"Continuing along the current path is not an option"

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Category: International NGO
Last modified: 2014-10-17 02:10:34

VECO Indonesia is Vredeseilanden Country Office Indonesia, A Belgium NGO.

We want to contribute to viable livelihoods of organized family farmers (male and female) by supporting the development of sustainable agriculture chains (SACD) of agricultural products in Indonesia. This includes the different aspects of agricultural chains: production, processing, marketing until consumer purchase.

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