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"Organic systems avoid the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and growth regulators. Instead they rely on crop rotations, crop residues, animal manures, legumes, green manures, off-farm wastes, mechanical cultivation, mineral-bearing rocks, and biological pest control to maintain soil health, supply plant nutrients, and minimize insects, weeds, and other pests." ATTRA - USA National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service

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Last modified: 2017-05-18 21:51:49

Bali Organic Corner - BaliPak Fredy adalah petani yang tren dan hebat, seperti sahabat semua orang. Perasaannya lebih senang dan bangga saat lihat padi organik di sawah. Padi organik masih transisi ke organik dari tahun 2007. Menanam padi menggunakan teknologi SRI. Bisa menghasilkan beras 1000-2000kg/minggu.

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Healthy Choice Indonesia
Last modified: 2016-09-22 02:55:16

Healthy Choice IndonesiaThe benefits of organic rice, the first one is definitely its production nature that is free of any kinds of pesticides. From a health point of view, organic rice is completely fat free and contains a high content of carbohydrates and low sugar content as well. The latter attribute is immensely relevant when it comes to the production of cereals and breads, which generates results of lesser extent of tooth decays and dropping of blood-sugar levels as the eating of organic rice enables the pancreas to produce extra insulin.

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