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Healthy Choice Indonesia
Last modified: 2015-11-09 01:58:40

Baked with Love, Happy Hearts, and Best Ingredients

Healthy Choice Indonesia

You can make your healthy choices first by recognizing that it's better to adopt healthy eating as a lifestyle, not as a diet to be started and stopped whenever you hit your target weight. By having permanent healthy eating habits, making healthy life is easier.

Healthy Choice restaurant serve you the pleasures of a healthy food with a benefit consisting of only fresh organic products. Prepare with traditional cooking methods with no MSG, no preservatives and no colorants in our foods. Healthy Choice don't use non stick pan or microwave in their kitchen, their utensils are all safe.

No other restaurant in Jakarta has as large a variety of healthy and organic food.

Healthy Choice's Specialties

Healthy Choice IndonesiaAppetizer : Crispy Mushroom, Mushroom Ball, Caesar Salad, Sate Lilit, Spring Rolls
Main Course : Steam Chicken with Garlic & Ginger, Ikan Bakar bumbu Bali, Nasi Campur Nyonya, Soto Tangkar, Lontong Kari, Mie Godog Healthy Choice, Dorinos Steam Fish, Steam Fish Ala Thai, Classic Healthy Choice Laksa, Florentine Salmon, Grilled Hallibut, Grilled Salmon Norway, Grilled Chicken, Aglio Olio with Turkey, Lasagna Bolognaiise, Assorted Healthy Choice Fried Rice, Salmon Sandwich, Turkey Sandwich, Chicken Sandwich, Caesar Vegetarian Wrap.

Dessert : Yogu Berry

Beverage : Peaceful Mind, Perfect Food Organic juice, Assorted Healthy Fruit Juice, Coffee, Cappuccino, Assorted Frozen Coffee Blend, Coffee Lane, Perfect Rose Tea, Numi Flowering Tea.

Cooked with love happy heart and best ingredients, no Teflon, Aluminium and Microwave.

We use glass and stainless steel utensils to avoid leach chemical into the food during heating that can caused degenerative diseases.

No Trans Fat - Healthy Choice fry with Grape seed oil, helpful in preventing heart disease, clogged arteries and blood clots. 

Free from pesticides, Chemicals and Preservatives  - Healthy Choice use organic vegetables in all our menus.

Safe for High blood Pressure - Healthy Choice use Liquid Amino with low sodium level and rich of amino acids .

MSG Free  - Healthy Choice use G-Seasoning as great enhancer.

Safe for Diabetic - Healthy Choice use blackstrap Molasses to substitute sHealthy Choiceet soya sauce.


Kebon Jeruk
Komplek Graha Mas Blok A 6-7
JI. Raya Pejuangan, Kebon Jeruk
Jakarta 11530

Kelapa Gading 
Boulevard Raya Blok We II No. 21-22 
Kelapa Gading

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