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The Garden Kafe & Juice Bar at The Yoga Barn - Bali
Last modified: 2017-10-05 19:54:06

The Garden Cafe at Yoga Barn - Bali

The Garden Kafe & Juice Bar at The Yoga Barn

Set overlooking the lush grounds of The Yoga Barn amphitheater, the Garden Kafe serves fresh wholesome foods; with separate raw, vegan and Ayurvedic menu items. The Juice Bar has bottles of freshly pressed juices, coconuts, popsicles and healthy snacks.

The Garden Kafe is well known for its varied healthy menu (including breakfast, lunch, dinner , raw deserts, coffee and chai) as well as its weekly Sunday Lunch Buffets, following Sunday Dance and bi-monthly family-style Dinner Buffets on Monday Movie Nights.

The Garden Kafe at Yoga Barn - Bali

Opening Hours:

  • Daily from 7:30am - 7pm (last order 6:30pm)

Special Events:

  • Monday Night Movies (Every other Monday night). Please join them for a buffet dinner from 6pm-8pm
    The fine print: *When Yoga Barn host the bi-monthly Monday Night Movies, Garden Kafe is closed between 3-6pm. They re-open at 6pm for the Monday Night Movie family buffet.
  • Sunday Lunch Buffet: Every Sunday following Sunday Dance from 12:30pm-2:30pm

Download their menu, pdf (The Yoga Barn does not deliver.)

The Garden Kafe & Juice Bar at The Yoga Barn

Ubud's first raw food restaurant, formerly known as Little K, The Garden Kafe opened in February 2009 and is mostly vegetarian vegan (accompanied by a small selection of cooked foods for those who feel they need it). The ambiance is garden-romantic with a lovely rice field view, overlooking the terraced lawn & amphitheatre of The Yoga Barn. Adding to the ambiance is the friendly staff, the wi-fi & daily newspapers.

Open for breakfast and lunch from 7:30am - 7pm (last order 6:30pm), The Garden Kafe displays an array of delicious raw foods from raw breakfast with super smoothies to the unique raw tacos, lasagna, ravioli, mini pizza and raw sweets like key lime pie, raw chocolate mousse, raw carrot cake, etc., none of them using animal products (no meat, eggs, dairy), instead composed of raw root vegetables, avocado, cashew, sesame seed, dates, and more. The Garden Kafe also has a full Ayurvedic menu and serves buffet dinners and lunches. The Garden Kafe is open to drop-in visitors, retreat groups and can also be rented for group events. The Kafe team can cater special healthy menus for visiting groups.

Events at The Yoga Barn, which often take place in the Kafe, include visiting musicians, speakers and dance teachers, keeping the energy high day and night!

The Yoga Barn Juice Bar

The Yoga Barn Juice Bar

Fresh. Slow. Cold-pressed. Organically Inspired.

The Yoga Barn Juice Bar on our amphitheater deck serves bottled healthy elixers made fresh on the property each day as well as wholesome 'grab and go' snacks, perfect quick pick-me-ups between classes. Cold-pressed juice utilizes a gentle extraction method to maintain the most nutrients from the fruit and vegetables. The process maintains a normal temperature, preventing denaturing the planet enzymes when the juice is extracted.

If you would be interested in catering a special event at The Yoga Barn Garden Kafe, please email them.

Click through for more information on Events and Monday Night Movies.

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