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"The fundamental principles of ecology govern our lives wherever we live, and ... we must wake up to this fact or be lost." Karin Sheldon, environmental lawyer [1973]

Misi Kami - Our mission is to provide a central resource for everything organic in Indonesia - all organic businesses - large and small. Send us information about organic / natural product businesses you know.  Contact us.

Last modified: 2011-11-18 00:59:27

The objectives of this paper are as follows: (1) to investigate the appropriate approaches for the development and extension of organic farming, (2) to give an overview of the process of organic farming development in case of West Java and North Sumatra, and (3) to investigate the importance of joint marketing of organic produce.

Keywords: ISDA, Innovation and Sustainable Development in Agriculture and Food, organic farming in Indonesia, laporan organik, report, organic, Organic Farming, Development, farming, development, Lessons Learned, West Java, North Sumatra
Cornell University Report SRI
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Listing workshops/conferences, activities, training, updates, progress, Indonesia links reports for SRI (System of Rice Intensification).  Ten years information included.


Keywords: SRI, Indonesia, reports, farms, conferences, training
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