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Changing Course for Life - Local solutions to Global Problems - Julian Rose
Last modified: 2011-02-01 20:01:06

We have to ‘change course' for the sake of our own lives and the ‘greater life' which is our environment, our planet and our humanity. Changing Course is the single most crucial issue of our time, beacause our lives - and the life of our planet - are increasingly coming under the control of a regulatory system that is squeezing the life blood out of our joy of living, and is pushing us towards the cliffs of despair rather than the green pastures of our deeper aspirations.

The system of governance which we are accustomed to has outlived its usefulness and is no longer able to meet the needs of our time. It is simply too inflexible and to dominated by a corporate global agenda whose sole aim is profit. Rather than suffocate under the dead weight of its inertia, we have a great opportunity to rebuild a new society on the fresh ground of ‘decentralised', local initiatives that spark a new people led, ‘bottom up' renaissance of hope and fulfillment. "Changing Course for Life" was written to guide and provoke meaningful actions that help inspire us to ‘take control of our lives' and become willing catalysts of community renewal, local empowerment and creative governance.

Our society is bankrupt: Physically, emotionally and spiritually. But we, as individuals, are still blessed with the spark of life and hope. So we must invest this 'spark energy' into something that will outlast the crumbling status quo. Its like deciding to take your money out of the big, brash, impersonal corporate bank and putting it into a socially and ecologically benign neighbourhood co-operative - then getting involved yourself in helping the co-operative to succeed!

This site is established to act as a tool to draw together those who wish to make a genuine commitment to the process of positive change (right across the spectrum of human concerns) and who wish to pool their talents and energies into bringing about the complete transformation of our worn out and largely dysfunctional way of life.

If you are connected with a serious initiative that resonates with the propositions expressed in ‘Changing Course - for Life' and feel that linking up would be of value, then please be in contact.

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You will find a suggestion for forming a ‘citizens committee' to introduce ‘renaissance 21′ actions into our decentralised regions. We have no alternative but to start (or continue) to build a new society, founded on genuine humanitarian values and an enduring vision of hope, creativity and fulfilment.

Julian Rose - January 2009

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