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R.O.L.E. Foundation Weaving Futures Project - Bali
Last modified: 2016-08-02 20:39:57

Weaving Futures: Weaving using Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes. The Bukit Weavers Association established and are going into business for themselves.

R.O.L.E. Foundation and it's BaliWISE Women's Business Development Program are proud to announce the return of weaving of naturally dyed organic cottons by local women on the Bukit.

ROLE Foundation Weaving Futures ProjectThe program aims to promote and preserve Bali’s cultural heritage through the revival of traditional natural dye and weaving techniques. Small scale artisans have historically played an essential role in Balinese society recreating specialised items laden with religious and cultural meanings. Economic factors can be seen as inhibiting these arts, with new generations preferring more secure employment options and others lacking the finance to establish a viable production base. Traditional weaving and natural dyes techniques are usually passed down orally so that lack of documentation contributes to their loss. ROLE facilitates the practice sessions and provides the plants cultivated for dyeing purpose.

Two generations ago, Traditional Weaving was stopped and the technique lost in the Nusa Dua, Bukit and Jimbaran areas. Now after six years of reestablishing the dyeing, thread preparation and weaving techniques, the eight women of the Bukit Weavers Association are going into this environmentally friendly business for themselves.

Small-scale artisans have historically played an essential role in Balinese society producing specialized cultural items such as textiles, baskets, and medicines using only natural ingredients and materials. These informal income activities were usually performed by women, to help support their families.

ROLE Foundation Weaving Futures Project

Today, these small enterprises represent a means of survival for those lacking other employment opportunities as they battle against fluctuating incomes, increasing costs of materials and tourism- driven inflation on staples. They also represent a healthy shift to sustainable industry growth for eco-friendly products and produce in Bali.

They now have their own signature colours and combinations of colours, which they call the Bukit colours. The white of limestone cliffs, blue of ocean, brown dry season earth, and the shade of the reefs under the waves. They have also developed their own four types of Bukit motifs using varying types and sizes threads. They now have merchandising and sales, bookkeeping and stock control skills.

ROLE Foundation Weaving Futures Project - BaliR.O.L.E. Foundation could not have established this team and it's skills by itself. They received organic, natural dyeing help from Threads of Life, weaving help from Nusa Penida and Klung Kung Professionals, and funding from the Australian Government for our Natural Dyes Plant Nursery and teaching. They received additional funding from Maiden Love, Ibal Bali Hotel Interiors, and many more. 

With overfishing, loss of farmland, and the fact that many women of the Bukit are not suited to the hospitality industry, the reestablishment of this environmentally friendly and community suited industry is only a win-win for the local ladies of the Bukit, Jimbaran and Nusa Dua.

Do not worry they will be assisted and overseen by R.O.L.E. to keep them on track. They do need to establish their own Facebook or webpage and do not need to attract their own volunteers. So if you would like to help them, please e-mail R.O.L.E., and they will put you in contact.

ROLE Foundation Weaving Futures Project

This is a small step on the path to sustainability.

R.O.L.E. Foundation website


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