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Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali
Last modified: 2016-05-25 00:54:48

Produced by I Putu Agus Widiasa, a shy and industrious young Balinese man from a small village near Ubud. Putu's still in high school, and this is his first business.

Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali

Billions of plastic straws are discarded every year and theoretically can be recycled but rarely are. They don't degrade, last for ages and end up in landfills and littering oceans.

Putu's Bamboo Straws

In addition to supplying many restaurants in Bali, Putu has shipped large orders of his bamboo eco straws to Kuala Lumpur, Thailand, Jakarta, Kuta (Bali) and is developing a contract for monthly shipment to California.

When Putu started, he used bamboo from the family land. Now that is not enough so they have found the best quality bamboo from bamboo farmers in Singaraja (north Bali), naturally renewing, chemical-free and biodegradable, Putu initiated this idea himself.  As in many countries and also part of the culture of Bali, this is his after-school project.  He's working with his father, also very industrious, to learn how to produce the straws, except when he's playing football, flying kites (which he also makes himself), or talking with friends.  He'll use the profits to buy school books and handphone pulsa.

Putu is happy when he gets many orders because he can give his cousins a job. His cousins, Ari and Kadek, are the same age as Putu. Now Putu is trying to influence other teenagers and unemployed people in his village to work with him, so he can also help them make a living.

Also in development, an eco-responsible bamboo coffee stirrer.

Hand wash and reuse. After longer use, cover in water with vinegar; boil for 20 minutes and lay to dry, ready to be used again and again.Putu's Bamboo Straws

Packs of 5 or 10 pc in 15 or 25 cm length. Custom lengths available by order.

Also available carrying bags from parachute material (partially from recycled fibers) in 4 colors.

To order or for more information:
Bahasa Indonesia: Email or call 62.813.387.00968  
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