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"The Internet is becoming the town square for the global village of tomorrow." Bill Gates

Indonesia Organic Indonesia Organic Indonesia Organic Indonesia Organic Indonesia Organic

What is IndonesiaOrganic?

Think of us as a virtual newspaper. Our news is what is happening in organics, our advertisements are paid by Indonesian organic enterprises.


  1. connect organic buyers and sellers
  2. help reduce costs of traditional marketing
  3. increase marketing effectiveness
  4. educate consumers about organics and a healthy life

Our goal is that farmers, producers and others who advertise here:

  1. sell more
  2. grow and produce more
  3. increase marketing effectiveness
  4. earn higher incomes

We are growing - Grow with us!!

Indonesia Organic Target Audience

Our Vision

"Organic" is a rapidly expanding audience and demand in Indonesia and the world. There is a need for information about organic within Indonesia and for Indonesia to the world.

For many reasons, projects and businesses are focused on their own independent success. There is no "how-to-find" resource in Indonesia - until now.

1. Becomes the "go to place" for consumers, producers and educators of organic products within Indonesia and provides the links to connect the industry to the rest of the world. Creates access to the rapidly expanding amount of information, education and businesses in Indonesia.

2. Brings the industry together to benefit more and the whole. Through the growth and benefit to each individual concern, the whole benefits more; and through the growth and benefit of the whole, individual concerns benefit more.

3. Demonstrates "holes" in the industry by showing what exists - thereby, showing the opportunities in Indonesia for growth.

4. As a top ranked website, provides links to large or small and inexperienced businesses, projects, products, and information for a fraction of the cost of advertising for each concern (whether newspaper, website, or other advertising). Listed businesses will be found faster and easier.

5. Provides advertising and marketing resources to the smallest of small businesses that have little or no knowledge of the internet opportunities.

Established in 2010, www.indonesiaorganic.com, is currently based in Bali, Indonesia. We are experienced in business and project management, web development, small and local business support, export, and knowledge of the organic industry from many directions.

We are committed to expanding the organic industry and knowledge in Indonesia; to provide links for all concerns - large, small or inexperienced, NGO, education, resources; and to bring business to Indonesia from the rest of the world.

IndonesiaOrganic will:

Provide a low-cost and effective promotional vehicle through banner advertising and summary listings, as well as a mini-website alternative designed especially for small organizations without the financial resources and expertise to create and manage their own website with high SEO ranking.

Act as a central data source about a wide range of organic related matters:

• Producers, growers, cooperatives, educational institutes and projects in Indonesia
• Where to purchase organic produce and products, both at wholesale and retail levels
• New organic products, services, and technological innovations
• Important books and influential media
• Business and personality profiles
• Case studies of successful entrepreneurship and leadership
• Upcoming organic events in Indonesia and within the Asia Pacific basin
• NGO, organization and project synopsizes and updates
• Highlight organic and eco-centric tourism establishments and services such as restaurants, cooking classes, day tours, farm stays, resorts and spas
• Link Indonesian wholesale producers and retailers with domestic and international buyers in a single easy to use, successfully ranked, and comprehensive site.
• Motivate readers to continue to live in a sustainable fashion and inspire others to convert to a more responsible lifestyle

Through the power of the group each has a better opportunity for success. If the individual concerns succeed, the whole grows. When the whole grows, the individuals succeed.

The concept has been proven.

Overview statistics www.indonesiaorganic.com:

June 2015 - May 2016:Indonesia Organic Visitors by Month Jun 2015 - May 2016

  • 31,769 unique visitors
  • 83,385 page views
  • nearly 2,700 visitors every month
  • average 88 every dayIndonesia Organic Site visits Jun 2015 - May 2016
  • 20.07% new visitors
  • 64.17% from Indonesia
  • ALL looking for organic in Indonesia


Since launched,

  • 266,351 visits
  • 600,742 pageviews
  • from 207 countriesIndonesia Organic Visitors Trend in 2015-2016
  • 64.75% from Indonesia


Examples:Indonesia Organic Google Analytics Map Jun 2015-May 2016

  • inquiries from farmers who want to convert to organic and cannot find information
  • inquiries from businesses who want better exposure and more buyers
  • international inquiries to source products including the largest for two 40' containers every two weeks of European certified ginger for Europe
  • international inquiries to source organic products when visiting Indonesia

Traffic to many business categories have more than doubled. The most popular categories to date are:

  • Food & Product Stores
  • Skin & Body Cares
  • Coconut Oil
  • On Line Shopping
  • Fruits/Vegetables
  • Wheatgrass
  • Home Deliveries
  • Aromatherapy
  • Permaculture

Information categories that are also very popular: News, Why Organic?, Volunteering, Fair Trade.

Advertisers have a unique 1000 word webpage that links to their email or business website at a fraction of any other advertising media. Advertisers automatically benefit from our own high search ranking and SEO activities with no additional cost to them.

Free added benefits include promotions on social media, inclusion in newsletters, and rotation to "Featured Businesses" on the home page.

Supporting www.indonesiaorganic.com

Our model is to become self funding. Until then, 'GAP' funding is needed. Self-funded as a start-up, we are seeking both venture capital, social entrepreneur funding and donations, and advertising from large business as 'sponsors' who will be listed on the website as such.

Linking the People Who Will Change Indonesia
Menghubungkan Orang-Orang yang akan Mengubah Indonesia

www.indonesiaorganic.com likes this from Gangplank Phoenix For the successful development of organic in Indonesia, we all must adapt similar beliefs and attitudes.

Manifesto of Gangplank Phoenix:

We are a group of connected individuals and small businesses creating an economy of innovation and creativity in the Valley. We envision a new economic engine comprised of collaboration and community, in contrast to the silos and secrecy left by the dependence on tourism and land development.

We have the talent. We just need to work together. Different environments need to overlap, to connect and to interact in order to transform our culture. In order to create a sustainable community based on trust, we value:

* collaboration over competition
* community over agendas
* participation over observation
* doing over saying
* friendship over formality
* boldness over assurance
* learning over expertise
* people over personalities

This new economy cannot thrive without engaging the larger business, creative, entrepreneurial, governmental, and technical communities together.

We believe that innovation breeds innovation. We will transform the Valley culture into one supportive of the entrepreneurial spirit, of risk taking, of pioneering into the unknown territories as the founders of our municipalities once did. This requires education, entrepreneurship and creative workspaces.

We are Gangplank.

Read more about Gangplank Phoenix

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Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic