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VECO - Indonesia
Last modified: 2014-10-17 02:10:34

VECO Indonesia is Vredeseilanden Country Office Indonesia, A Belgium NGO.

We want to contribute to viable livelihoods of organized family farmers (male and female) by supporting the development of sustainable agriculture chains (SACD) of agricultural products in Indonesia. This includes the different aspects of agricultural chains: production, processing, marketing until consumer purchase.

VECO-Indonesia will focus its support within the agricultural chain towards the use of innovative sustainable agricultural practices for production, value adding of agricultural products directly benefiting family farmers and improved access to markets, and stimulating consumers to purchase products from sustainable agriculture chains.

Furthermore, VECO-Indonesia supports advocacy to policy influencing at local, national and international level which favors the position of the organized farmers practicing sustainable agriculture. In its work, VECO-Indonesia puts special effort in involving the younger generation of farmers, promoting gender as an integral part of agricultural practices and reconciling traditional and ‘modern' knowledge and practices.

VECO-Indonesia also strives to organize itself to improve its effectiveness, efficiency and relevance in supporting its partners and ensure that learning is an integral part of the organizational culture and practice. VECO-Indonesia would like to be known as a centre of information on SA and chain development for its partners and establish/participate in alliances/networks that are relevant for the realization of its objectives.

VECO Indonesia is working in, i.e. East Nusa Tenggara, West Nusa Tenggara, South Sulawesi, West Sulawesi, Central Java, East Java and Bali. For the implementation of its program VECO Indonesia has established strategic partnerships with organizations, groups, and individuals which support sustainable agriculture, chain development, food security and lobby & negotiation in favor of family farmers. For the same purpose, VECO Indonesia also supports the following types of organizations:

* Local NGO's
* Local and national farmer organizations
* National network organizations (consisting of civil society actors)

* Private sector organizations (non-funding)


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