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Why it's Important to Buy Local Produce
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:54:26

Here in Australia, it seems that the days of the small time farmer are over in a lot of ways. After all, you can buy pretty much any produce you need at incredibly low prices at the supermarket and these are often perfect-looking. There are no spots on them, they are bright and clean, and they are easy to obtain... we just go to the supermarket and buy them.

However, there are a few things to consider before you go out and buy produce from a super huge chain and that is the fact that local, organic food is better for you then what you are getting at the supermarket. Yes, you may think that fresh fruit is organic just because it is fresh, but this is not the case. Buying local, organic food is not only better for you, but for the planet too and here's why.
Why It's Important to Buy Local Produce

For one, buying local means that your money is staying in the local community. This helps to build a stronger basis for business in your small town, which will in turn help to make the local economy stronger. The local economy counts for most of the jobs and revenue in your area, so why go spend your money someplace that is just going to ship the money out to another place? Spend your money locally on farmers and produce growers who have invested in the local community and you will help yourself out as well. Besides, there are advantages to knowing the person who grows your food. You can ask then what kind of additives they put in it... how they handle it, and how organic it really is. This will help you to eat healthier food than you would be getting in the big stores.

Buying organic food is also better for you, but it is also better for the planet. Organic food did not cause tons of toxic pesticides to be sprayed into the ground. Organic food did not cause the pollution of local water supplies and organic food is food that did not come from chemically burned out soil fertilised with artificial toxins and poisons that are seeping not only into the water but into the vegetables themselves!

Buying local, organic food just makes good sense all around. It is better for your, better for your community, and better for the planet.

February 02nd, 2010


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