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IFAP Bali February 2010 Advocate Interests of Farmers - Sustainable Development, Ecosystem services and Biodiversity.
Last modified: 2010-03-16 20:03:13

Press Contact Neil Sorensen, Communications Coordinator Email: neil.sorensen@ifap.org

From February 24-26, 2010, IFAP representatives joined Environmental Ministers and UNEP officials in Bali, Indonesia for the 11th special session of the Global Ministerial Environment forum and the Governing Council to advocate the interests of farmers in terms of sustainable development, ecosystem services and biodiversity. The Farmers' Major Group was represented by Ingrid Rydberg, Policy Officer for Swedish Farmers and Valerio Lucchesi, IFAP Policy Officer.

Highlighting the multiple services famers deliver to society, including an adequate food supply for a growing population, IFAP emphasized the wide range of ecosystem services and land stewardship mechanisms that farmers employ to enhance and protect biodiversity, while contributing to economic growth and reducing poverty and hunger in developing countries. A third of the world's population is farmers, and most are small scale family farmers in developing countries.

IFAP insisted, as the planet's primary ecosystem managers, farmers are best placed to ensure sustainable development and protection of biodiversity and thereby contributing to a green economy. Farmers are in a unique position to promote socially, environmentally and economically sustainable agricultural systems that engender resilient ecosystems.

IFAP called on governments and international institutions to ensure land tenure rights and to put in place incentive mechanisms to help farmers adopt sustainable practices that enhance biodiversity, while recognizing the indigenous knowledge on conservation and resource management that farmers already possess.

IFAP concluded that sustainable agriculture is the core of the green economy, and that national farmers' organizations should be a key partner in all levels of discussion.

Report on IFAP participation in the UNEP Governing Council, the Global Ministerial Environment Forum and other related events: http://www.ifap.org/knowledge-base/detail/en/?dyna_fef[uid]=40719

Key messages from the Farmers' Major Group to the Governing Council/Global Ministerial Environment Forum at its eleventh special session http://www.ifap.org/knowledge-base/detail/en/?dyna_fef[uid]=40721

For more information, contact Valerio Lucchesi, IFAP Policy Officer, at valerio.lucchesi@ifap.org

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