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Farmers Association Rejects Gov't Plan to Use Transgenic Seeds - Tempo
Last modified: 2016-02-25 22:40:46

As much as 13 farmers association refused the government's plan to distribute transgenic seeds. The associations argued that transgenic seeds will cause trouble to food sustainability.

Muhammad Rifai, a member of the Indonesian Farmers Alliance said that the use of transgenic seeds will change the country's farming type from polyculture to monoculture farming.

In addition Rifai asserted that transgenic seeds will also cause trouble related to food security, health, and sustainable farming. "The government, Agricultural Ministry, and Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs' plan to use encourage the use transgenic seeds contradict the food sustainability principle, and the Nawa Cita program initiated by President Joko Widodo," Rifai said in a joint press release on Tuesday, February 23, 2016.

Rifai added that transgenic seeds will cause farmers to be highly dependent on transgenic seeds. As a result, it would pose a threat to villages that have managed to develop organic farming method.

Source 23 February, 2016


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