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Environmental Benefits of Organic Agriculture Positive Benefits for Society and for Nature - IFOAM
Last modified: 2014-05-09 21:36:16

Organic agriculture enhances soil structures, conserves water, mitigates climate change, and ensures sustained biodiversity. Through its holistic nature, organic farming integrates wild biodiversity, agro-biodiversity and soil conservation, and takes low-intensity farming one step further by eliminating the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), which is not only an improvement for human health (food quality) and agrobiodiversity, but also for the associated off farm biotic communities.

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Organic agriculture dramatically reduces external inputs by controlling pests and diseases naturally, with both traditional and modern methods, increasing both agricultural yields and disease resistance. Organic agriculture adheres to globally accepted principles (Principles of Organic Agriculture), for local socio-economic, climatic and cultural settings. supporting the development of local and regional food-systems.

Alternatively, agricultural contaminants such as inorganic fertilizers, herbicides and insecticides used in conventional agriculture are a major concern all over the world. Eutrophication, the suffocation of aquatic plants and animals due to rapid growth of algae, referred to as "algae blooms", are literally killing lakes, rivers and other bodies of water. Persistent herbicides and insecticides can extend beyond target weeds and insects when introduced into aquatic environments. These chemicals have accumulated up the food chain where top predators (e.g. humans) consume toxic dosages. Organic agriculture restores the environmental balance and has none of these or other such deleterious effects on the environment.

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