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"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." Margaret Mead

Misi Kami - Our mission is to provide a central resource for everything organic in Indonesia - all organic businesses - large and small. Send us information about organic / natural product businesses you know.  Contact us.

Oktober 2012 - Taman Tani Lestari Sesawi - LPPS FLORES
Last modified: 2012-10-03 23:56:55


Taman Tani Lestari Sesawi sebagai bahagian integral dari keseluruhan konsep yang dibangun oleh Sesawi Flores bersama Lembaga Pengkajian dan Pengembangan Sesawi Flores memiliki misi sebagai berikut:

Taman Tani Lestari Sesawi - LPPS FLORES

Bersama manusia muda (anak s/d kaum muda) dan dengan bantuan partner, kami mengusahakan peluang hidup yang lebih cerah melalui (a) sponsorisasi bea siswa untuk pendidikan anak dari keluarga pra sejahtera hingga mereka memperoleh pekerjaannya,
(b) mengusahakan pelatihan ketrampilan bagi anak muda yang tak bisa melanjutkan pendidikan ke tingkat yang lebih tinggi, secara khusus di bidang pertanian organik.
Membangun manusia pembangun yang komit terhadap pelayanannya dalam berbagai bidang kehidupan dengan mengembangkan wira usaha, terutama yang berhubungan dengan pertanian dan produk-produknya. Hal ini kami usahakan melalui:
(a) menyediakan dan mengusahakan penyebaran bibit-bibit yang berkualitas dari ternak, unggas dan ikan serta tanaman dan mendampingi penanganannya secara berkelanjutan,
(b) membuat produk makanan olahan yang sehat dan berkualitas yang bersaing di pasaran,
(c) menyediakan produk pakan untuk ternak, unggas, ikan yang berkualitas tetapi berbahan lokal dan
(d) menjadi pengusaha di bidang pertanian.
Mempromosikan budaya menghargai pertanian dan petani sebagai ibu yang melahirkan kehidupan dan berusaha menganimasi karya pertanian dengan berbagai sektornya sebagai ekspresi pengambilan bahagian dalam karya keselamatan Allah, yang menyediakan makanan bagi manusia dan alam ciptaannya.  Baca lebih lanjut


Keywords: Indonesia,NGO,organic,TTLS, LPPS Flores,Gubuk Pastor Tani,Taman Tani Lestari Sesawi
Superstar Januari 2011 - OISCA Training Center
Last modified: 2011-01-07 00:10:24
OISCA Organic and Environmental Training Center OISCA Organic and Environmental Training Center

Kegiatan yang di laksanakan oleh OISCA Sukabumi Training Center meliputi:

Pertanian Alamiah dan Pertanian Organik, Pembuatan Pupuk Oraganik, Peternakan Ayam Kampung Ramah Lingkungan, Permeubelan, Agroforestry, Tata Boga dan Menjahit, Pembibitan Bunga Krisan, Kegiatan Lingkungan bersama anak-anak SD dengan Program CFP(Childrens Forest Program) Program, Penghijauan bersama masyarakat dengan Program PFP (People Forest Programme)

Activities carried on by OISCA Sukabumi Training Center include:

Agriculture Natural and Organic Farming, Preparation of organic fertilizer, Chicken Ranch Village Green, Permeubelan,
Agroforestry, Catering and Tailoring,
Chrysanthemum Flower Nursery, Environmental Activities with elementary school children with CFP Program (Childrns Forest Program), Green with the community with PFP Program (Forest People Programme)

Read more
Keywords: OISCA, organik, organic, training, environmental, lingkungan
Last modified: 2011-01-06 23:26:41

NOSC, Nagrak Organic SRI Center adalah pusat pelatihan pertanian NOSC Nagrak SRI Training CenterSRI Organik
di Nagrak, Sukabumi, Java.

SRI is Organic agriculture training center in Nagrak, Sukabumi, Java.

Keywords: Superstar, Organic rice, beras organik, pelatihan pertanian SRI, NOSC, SRI, Indonesia, organic education
Superstar June 2010 - JAVA Spices - Java
Last modified: 2010-06-20 23:54:22

Superstar July 2010 - Java Spices
Established in North Sulawesi during the 1980s, Java Spices continues to be a growing independent ingredients company. Our passion is to provide the best quality spices, herbs, flavors to your home. Since we are concerned about the health issues, sustainability and fair trade, we have started to certify our products for USDA and Europe Organic. Out of 3,500 farmers, we certified 1,292 farmers to be organic with USDA and Europe standards.

Keywords: Java Spices, superstar, certified, sertifikasi, spice, spices, exporter
Superstar April 2010 - Peduli Alami - Bali
Last modified: 2010-04-04 01:22:06

Peduli Alami - Trash Bins in SchoolsPeduli Alam means Protect The Nature. Our association is a non profit organisation and respects the Balinese culture. Our motivation at Peduli Alam is to help the villagers from the rural areas of Amed, east Bali, to be aware of the impact on nature and health from incineration or disposal of garbage in nature. Our work consists in the establishment of a system of garbage collection: construction of bins in durable materials in the villages, pick-up truck to the recycling center. We already provided more than 100 dustbins, helping more than 500 families!.... Read more

Keywords: Peduli Alami, Bali, Indonesia, recycling, schools, programs
Superstar March 2010 - Jiway Tung - Organic Healing for the Soil and the Soul - Bogor, Java
Last modified: 2010-03-16 20:24:45

Superstar March 2010 - Jiway Tung - Organic Healing for the Soil and the Soul - Bogor, Java

Keywords: Jiway Tung, superstar, Healing, Soul, Bogor, Java, local project, The Learning Center
Last modified: 2014-08-06 19:43:59
Yuyun Ismawati, BaliFokus - Winner Goldman Prize 2009"Tourists returning from the Indonesian vacation isle of Bali carry home memories of green rice paddies, pounding surf and colorful Hindu ceremonies. What they leave behind is more alarming: an average of 11 lb. (5 kg) of waste per person per day, 10 times what the average Indonesian piles up. Yuyun Ismawati, an Indonesian environmental engineer who made the island her home in 1996, wanted to hold the tourism industry accountable for despoiling the environment, and to convince locals they had a role in protecting Bali's bounty. The eventual result was BaliFokus, an NGO she started nine years ago to promote community-based waste management in a sprawling island nation where the government can't be counted on to keep things clean.

Before Ismawati, 45, set up her waste-management projects, many hotels in the luxury Jimbaran Bay enclave sold their waste to pig farmers, who rooted through the muck for scraps to feed their animals. The hogs may have been pleased with five-star leftovers, but the rest of the trash tended to be bundled up in plastic bags and abandoned in mangrove forests. "I told hotels: Your job is to sell rooms, not to sell garbage," Ismawati recalls. "We have to protect Bali or else tourists won't want to come here anymore." Today, a network of hotels pays to have its trash taken away and a team of full-time workers sorts through the garbage.

Among Ismawati's latest drives is a cleanup of Indonesia's slums. Few poor areas have ever seen a real garbageman; the government only collects 40% of the nation's solid waste. In 2005, in the city of Bandung, where Ismawati was born, around 140 people died when a 230-ft. (70 m) mountain of trash collapsed and inundated a village. Ismawati and her network have helped set up solid-waste-management programs in seven slums across the country, encouraging locals to make traditional handicrafts out of recycled materials. They're just the kind of souvenirs environmentally minded tourists in Bali might like to take home.S


Keywords: Ismawati, Indonesia, Goldman Prize, sustainable, Bali Fokus, waste management, Indonesia, Bali, Temesi
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