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Organic Vegetable Farming - Indonesian Soil Research Institute
Last modified: 2010-03-24 01:15:38

The demand for food produced without synthetic chemical inputs increases in the last few years. By 2010, it is expected that organic food market assets would reached U$ 100 billion (Ditjen BPPHP Deptan, 2001). Indonesia has a potency for developing organic farming particularly in upland farming system. In order to achieved self sufficient in food demand, organic farming could be an alternative technology in supporting food security in Indonesia. In relation to this, Ministry of Agriculture through Go Organic 2010 program planned to have an established organic farms inluding its market for domestic and export. The regulation of organic farming systems including farming techniques (plant and animal), packaging, labelling and sertification are explained in The National Standardization of Indonesia (SNI) 01-6729-2002


In general organic farming is the process in producing food naturally. Organic farming defines as a holistic and integrated farming system through optimizing healthier and more productive agro-ecosystem naturally. By this technology, food and fibers are produced adequately, with more quality and sustainable.


Organic farming are less likely to be found on the very best land. Organic farming required natural soil without chemical contamination. By this term, there are two options (1) new opening land and (2) conversion land from intensive agricuture land. The time required for the land conversion is highly depend on the land use history, fertilization, pesticide and crops.


Organic fertilizer usually made from organic material such as plant residue, manure, and compost.

Last Updated on Monday, 08 February 2010

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