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Organic & Eco Websites are helping People Make Connections - Bali Advertiser
Last modified: 2010-06-05 19:28:04

As the green movement penetrates the virtual world, the greatest minds are pooling solutions together into one vast internet resource. Recently revealed...were a solar-powered plane, an energy efficient escalator, and even a biodegradable SunChips bag. Bringing together small and large scale ideas is helping to build a growing sustainable online community. Sharing information is helping newcomers adopt and understand green practices easily. Eco-Business is thriving because of the shared efforts of this virtual green community. Gary Survis July 30, 2009.

Eco living has become a world wide movement as more and more people understand and care about the devastating effects that not living consciously has had on our environment and their lives. The ‘me first attitude' that many people have adopted throughout the world just won't cut it any more. People are beginning to really understand that if we want to improve our lives, we've got to start making real connections with each other and with the world in which we live.

It has become increasingly clear that choosing to live more responsibly by opting for organic products instead of non-organic, as well as living with eco-friendly practices, we will help protect our resources and our world.

But where does one go to find out about sustainable living, eco-friendly and organic options in Indonesia? The internet has become the number one choice for most people, because it IS a World Wide Web connecting people around the world. There are multitudes of people who want to connect with eco and organic information, but don't have the time to spend hours searching for each of these one by one. In fact, the information may not be even listed on the internet, because small enterprises or private parties may not have the resources to independently develop websites or advertise at all.

The answer to this dilemma has been to create two comprehensive websites: www.indonesiaorganic.com and www.indonesiaeco.com. The mastermind behind these websites is committed to connecting consumers, producers, projects, and educators of eco-green and organic within Indonesia and bringing business to Indonesia from the rest of the world. Ultimately, a multitude of eco and organic enterprises offering valuable resources can advertise on either of the sites and also have access to a wealth of information such as upcoming organic and eco events, relevant information about eco and organic products, education projects - public and private, Indonesian businesses that adopt eco-green and organic practices and much more.

"I am often asked for contact details - producers looking for markets, people looking for chemical-free foods and sustainable services. It will be helpful if I could give them these websites and know all the information is there. The websites can be a bridge to the market the producers need, and as such, the role of the websites is to develop robust relationships both with producers and markets," says Cat Wheeler, an avid environmentalist who writes the popular column called ‘Greenspeak' for the Bali Advertiser.

For the most part, many organic and eco businesses in Indonesia in their infancy are focused on their own success, independent from others in the industry. This individualism won't be beneficial in the future as competition and consumer demand increases.

A resource for advertising on a focused international website will help them to connect with similar enterprises and buyers. Information about successful eco and organic projects will inspire others interested in sustainable living practices such as waste disposal or clean water projects and organic practices that enrich our soil and protect our waters.

"We want to bring everyone in Indonesia together to benefit the individual enterprises and thereby benefit the whole. Our sites will easily link information and people in Indonesia to expand the eco and organic movements."

The possibilities are far reaching if producers can get connected with each other and other organizations throughout Indonesia. Don Wells, a long time Bali resident who has been working with raising and caring for birds & reptiles in captivity, is keen on sites like indonesiaorganic.com and indonesiaeco.com.

"Businesses and consumers today demand convenience and ways to save time and expense. I doubt I'm a lone voice in this. Someone sitting in Hong Kong or Singapore, wanting a consistent supply of well graded organic produce or organically produced meat, needs the convenience of picking up a telephone or getting on a computer and ordering what he needs without hassle. I would hope that would be possible in the near future from these sites," says Wells.

These websites will offer a wealth of information to greatly assist eco and organic enterprises and consumers make connections, so that they can learn from one another and gain easy access to the products and information they need. For example, a small village in Java that wants to clean up their plastic waste could access information about another village's successful implementation of waste disposal. Or a food wholesaler in Sweden can link to organic coffee farms in Indonesia.

"These websites will be for the new generation - the children of the farmers who know how to access the internet," says Ibu Kartini, founder of Bali Organic Association (BOA).

In the future, indonesiaorganic.com and indonesiaeco.com will be a comprehensive resource for retailers, NGO's, growers, distributors, event organizers, product developers, organizations, publishers, those seeking Green employment, information seekers, composting and waste management, corporate social responsibility programs, water conservation projects, eco tourism and much more. People throughout the rest of Asia and other parts of the world will be able to make links that may last a lifetime and are certain to touch their lives in significant ways.

For questions or comments about this column please email: michelina630@hotmail.com.

Copyright © 2010 Michele Cempaka

Source - Bali Advertiser

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