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Indonesiaorganic.com - Linking Sustainable Agriculture and Connectivity - Bali Advertiser Greenspeak
Last modified: 2010-08-13 00:54:59

Indonesiaorganic.com - Linking Sustainable Agriculture and Connectivity

What BaliSpirit.com is to holistic Bali, Indonesiaorganic.com is to the burgeoning chemical-free Indonesian agriculture and food industry.

Recent articles in the Jakarta Post cited surveys in Jakarta which indicated that many people are choosing healthier food and drinks, skipping the processed food and digging a little deeper into their pockets to eat organic fruits and vegetables. This is good news for the growing number of producers who are leaving the chemicals on the shelves and growing their vegetables with good old-fashioned compost. But how do they reach this lucrative new market?

The inspiration of Darsi Sawnick, Indonesiaorganic.com is a social entrepreneurial start-up that provides an effective platform for organic farmers, products, cooperatives, distribution, export, projects, retail, restaurants and more. It links Indonesian wholesale producers and retailers with domestic and international buyers in a single, easy-to-navigate format. Banner advertising and summary listings offer low-cost, effective promotional vehicles in Indonesia and the mini-website alternative was designed especially for smaller organizations without the financial resources and expertise to create and manage their own website. At this time, the site is the only national networking tool for organics. Its constantly updated content is relevant to educators, students, project managers, businesses, producers and consumers.

Indonesaiorganic.com especially benefits small organic farmers and producers who need solutions to distribute their products by offering an affordable window to new local and potentially international markets. "Hopefully the site will help small producers form cooperatives and access markets," Darsi points out. "Small farmers only get profile if someone writes about them. Their lack of skill and experience prevents them from networking. I know that many of the small organic producers in Bali have some support from a foreigner behind them, who hopefully may assist them to have a presence on this website."

In the course of her research, Darsi found that it was difficult to identify the players. Many of the big producers don't even have a website. Ironically, although big business may not be taking advantage of the internet, small producers stay in touch with each other with Facebook and hand phones. "There is so much potential here for producers, once they can raise the quality of their produce," says Darsi. "For example, one international buyer was looking for a supplier for two 40 foot containers of certified ginger every two weeks. I've just talked to a woman in Nusa Dua who's ordering organic rice from Jakarta because she wasn't aware of Bali producers."

Although the site has only been up since February, it gets up to 500 page hits a day with an average of four minutes on the site -- a sign that users are taking advantage of the wealth of information to be found there. Check out www. indonesiaorganic.com. And if you happen to know a small organic producer, consider helping him or her move into a larger, more profitable marketplace by sponsoring a listing on the website that is linking the people who will change Indonesia.


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