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Farmers in Banten told to switch to organic fertilizer - Jakarta Post
Last modified: 2010-04-12 04:30:06

Farmers in Banten are told to switch to the use of organic fertilizer following the central government policy to increase the prices of subsidized non-organic fertilizer by up to 35 percent.

Agus M. Tauchid, head of the provincial agriculture and husbandry agency, said Saturday that the local administration could not do much to oppose the central government policy on the price hike.

"Utilizing local sources with the use of organic fertilizer is a wise step in response to the price increase plan," he said.

Secretary of Banten's Farmers Fishermen Group (KTNA) Turmudzi said what needs to be noticed is how the government can guarantee smooth distribution of the subsidized fertilizer, no matter with the price hike.

"The most important thing is how the subsidized fertilizer can reach farmers," he said.

He said for the long term step, the local administration should be able to familiarize farmers with the use of organic fertilizer.

"There are still many farmers in Banter who do not understand the utilization of local sources to create organic fertilizer despite big potentials," he said, adding that it is the duty of the agency to enrich farmers with skill and knowledge to produce organic fertilizer.

Multa Fidrus , The Jakarta Post , Tangerang | Sat, 04/10/2010 8:44 PM | Jakarta

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