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Farmers, Consumers Discuss Tactics - Jakarta Post
Last modified: 2010-02-14 18:45:00
Organic Farmers, Consumers Discuss Tactics - Jakarta Post They wake up early every morning to tend to their farms, inspecting their crops one by one. For fertilizer they use goat's manure from nearby goat barns, for pesticides they pour ash and spray liquid coconut husks. "It's hard being an organic farmer, especially when you are not allowed to use any artificial chemicals," Kang Marin said.
"I did not know anything about organic farming before the guys from Elsppat [an NGO concerned with organic farming] introduced me to organic farming back in 2000," Marin said. Marin's fellow farmer, Ki Tarma, concurred. His first trial with organic techniques was a self admitted big flop. "Pests destroyed my plants and I could not save them immediately with artificial pesticide. As a result, I harvested nothing," Tarma sighed.

He explained that it took some time to switch from conventional farming techniques, using artificial fertilizers and pesticides, to organic farming, relying on natural substances. "Organic farmers must be more industrious than conventional ones, the success of their crops depends on their hard work every day," Kang Yayan, Tarma's friend, said. "The added value of having organic food is not just preserving the environment and health, but also catering to the livelihood of the local farmers and bringing all the noble values to our tables," she added

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