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Clean Batik Initiative (CBI): New initiative to support over 500 batik SMEs of 6 provinces in Indonesia
Last modified: 2010-05-06 21:39:27


EKONID is implementing an initiative aimed at batik SMEs in an attempt to apply the concept of clean production in the business. The 4-years programme is initiated by the European Commision under the SWITCH-Asia grant with strong technical support from the Indonesian Cleaner Production Centre (ICPC) of the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Indonesia.

Clean Batik Initiative aims to "green" both the supply and the demand side of batik products to ensure that environmental impacts are thoroughly taken into account so that a virtuous push-pull cycle of responsible production and informed consumption can be in place that will pave way for the sustainable development of the batik industry.

The programme consists of three components, which are Sustainable Production, Sustainable Consumption, and Policy Dialogue. The Sustainable Production component of the CBI programme introduces proven concept of cleaner production of batik by the Indonesian Cleaner Production Centre.

"Clean Batik Initiative is not limited only to the implementation of cleaner, safer, and more efficient production. The main core of the programme is how to generate a cleaner production that is also capable of absorbing market consumption. It is also targeting a policy dialogue at Indonesian government to develop batik SMEs that are considering the environmental impacts in its production process", said Programme Coordinator, Martin Krummeck.

Batik industry produces the highest annual emission of CO2 among other SME sub-sectors, mainly as a result of the industry's high dependancy on fuel (kerosene) and electricity consumption. Excessive use of water by batik SMEs has also made water scarcity a common issue during the dry season, which often prompted them to turn to water solutions that require even greater energy supplies which increase production costs. Meanwhile, the availability of good quality water is a very important development issue on many islands in Indonesia because of the rapid growth of conflicting demands (agriculture, tourism, industrial, domestic use, etc) and strictly limited supply of freshwater.

A number of batik SMEs are also dependant to the use of excessive wax, chemical dyes and bleach causing even greater negative impact to the environment and society. Moreover, the inefficient use of water and electricity as well as the marginal issues of women employee in the industry are inseparable from the programme concentration whose goal is to endorse the Indonesian batik production that is environmental friendly.

"As one of Indonesia's most highly developed art forms and traditional handicrafts, Indonesian batik is expected to be in sinergy with the environment and create a harmonius balance of the ecosystem. Therefore, the program is expected to assist batik SMEs in implementing a cleaner, safer, and more efficient production," said Martin.

Focus of the programme includes training to training of trainers on cleaner production of batik to local technical consultants, workshops and evaluation to implement cleaner production concept to 500 batik SMEs in 6 provinces in Indonesia, training of trainers for batik marketers, marketing seminars for batik SMEs, eco-friendly batik trade promotion activities, awareness campaign activities, policy dialogues, and lobby group activities during the intervening period. Awareness campaign activities will be targeting the consumer groups, organizations, and retailers. Meanwhile, the policy dialogue will be conducted in the level of local, regional, and national government.

In order to reach the key players in batik industry, EKONID will be working with more than 500 small medium enterprises, governmental bodies, non government organizations, universities, and associations.

EKONID, the German-Indonesian Chamber of Industry and Commerce is currently implementing Clean Batik Initiative that is debuted by its launching on March 2nd, 2010 at Museum Tekstil, Jakarta

Martin Krummeck
Jl. H. Agus Salim No. 115
Jakarta 10310
Phone: +62 21 315 4685
Fax: +62 21 315 7088, 315 5276
Email: info@cleanbatik.com
Web: www.cleanbatik.com

Pusat Produksi Bersih Nasional (PPBN)
Jl. Raya Puspiptek Serpong
Banten 15214
Phone: +62 21 756 4080
Fax: +62 21 756 4088
Email: info@ppbn.or.id
Web: www.ppbn.or.id

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