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Aceh's Organic Coffee Production A Viable and Promising Economic Activity in Aceh
Last modified: 2010-05-05 06:07:53

Coffee farmers in Aceh now have a better future with USAID-supported organic coffee production.

The prolonged armed conflict and tsunami made the coffee farmers of Aceh's central highlands vulnerable. Many of these farmers abandoned their farms and moved to the coastal area of Aceh to escape armed conflict only to have their lives ruined again by the catastrophic tsunami of December 2004. Deprived of virtually all their personal belongings, again Aceh's coffee farmers suffered severely.

The tsunami, however, made Aceh the focus of the world's attention. Many countries deployed disaster relief and development teams to take part in tsunami recovery and reconstruction efforts in Aceh. These efforts stimulated international support for the Aceh peace process and led to a successful peace agreement between the Government of Indonesia and the Aceh Separatist Movement, which was signed in August 2005 in Helsinki, Finland.

Since the implementation of the peace agreement, thousands of farmers have returned to their farms. USAID is helping these farmers rehabilitate and rejuvenate their abandoned farms through the provision of an agricultural enterprise development program. The project focuses on the production, processing, and export marketing of specialty organic Arabica coffee. USAID is improving production and processing techniques that bring added value to the local coffee. Aceh's organic coffee has become a much sought-after product by many of the largest global wholesalers, including Starbucks and Equal Exchange. Equal Exchange is the largest fair trade organization in the U.S.

The project has successfully generated employment, giving Aceh's once displaced and traumatized farmers sustainable incomes that allow them to support their families.

by USAID/Dihya Ihsan - 4 April 2010 | Banda Aceh

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