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Bloo Lagoon Village - East Bali
Last modified: 2016-12-04 23:22:35

Perched on a hill above the harbour of Padangbai, Bloo Lagoon stands at the intersection of Silayukti temple and Mount Agung, two powerful icons of Balinese culture.

Bloo Lagoon Village - East Bali

Our site is designated a forestry conservation zone and is home to numerous drought tolerant, shade providing trees. The 25 villas were built around the mature trees and plants that have proved to be well adapted to the windy and dry conditions of Padangbai were adopted. Bloo Lagoon Village – East BaliThe very rich ocean below is also very rightly designated a conservation zone and we strive to impart our acquired knowledge and teach the local village to preserve such a treasure.

In keeping with our existing practice of doing more with less and keeping our houses consistently simple and small - but functional and spacious - we continue to incorporate relevant new technologies to make our place more sustainable. We use solar electricity whenever possible.

We are composting and improving the soil and planting vegetable and fruit gardens throughout the site and growing vegetables in our farmland applying organic practices.

To conserve water we channel rain and water from showers and sinks to a central lake and ponds, which are planted with aquatic plants and fish providing water for irrigation.

Bloo Lagoon Village – East Bali

Our restaurant serves fresh homemade and healthy meals taking advantage of local ingredients.

Early on we adopted light emitting diodes (LED's) that give good balanced light whilst consuming only 3 watts each. As they shall not need replacing for many years we are eliminating expensive fancy light fittings and building the lamps directly into the building structure.

Our swimming pool uses ionisation for water purification and minimizes chemical use.

The materials used in the construction of the houses are simple and durable. Bamboo and traditional thatched roofs are natural and good for insulation.

The open quality of our houses allows for airflow and eliminates the need to enclose the living spaces in an artificially conditioned environment.

You feel connected to nature, its creatures, smells and sounds and become aware of your surroundings.

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