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"The birthright of all living things is health. This law is true for soil, plant, animal and man: the health of these four is one connected chain. Any weakness or defect in the health of any earlier link is passed on to the next and succeeding links, until it reaches the last, namely, man." Sir Albert Howard, 1945


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Utama Spice Natural Aromatherapy Products - Bali
Last modified: 2016-09-22 03:10:32

For the past decade, PT. SupaDupa Spice has specialized in the Utama Spice Natural Aromatherapy Products - Bali
development and manufacturing of 100% natural personal care products for the home and spa. With clients in industries such as hotels, spas, garments, cosmetics and our own brand, Utama Spice, we are accustomed to fulfilling the needs of all kinds of clients across a wide range sectors. 

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Utama Spice Natural Aromatherapy Products - Bali