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Plastic Bag Alternatives

BeOrganic - Bali
Last modified: 2013-09-10 23:27:07

Balinese Model for the WorldBeOrganic - Bali
One of the cornerstones of Bali Angels is the vision of building a better and more connected community in Bali, which has been described as its own heaven-on-earth by many of the island's visitors and residents alike.

The Bali model is considered an inspiration for Adams. "I don't think it's any coincidence that Bali has created model conditions based on the mindset of its people. They have found a way to live in natural harmony with their island and each other, and they set a good example for the rest of us," says Adams. "It is this integrative mindset that convinces me that we can create a more peaceful, conscientious, healthy and balanced way of life for our own communities. And it starts here in Bali."

BeOrganic Eco Straws!

Glass straws make sense for so many reasons!

BeOrganic glass eco straws. Optional straw cleaner and carrying bags made by Bali Angels community groups.

Private Label & Co-Branding, BRAND your restaurant, school or next event !

What better way to show you care about the environment by having your Brand on our Be Organic product lines. Private Branding with Be Organic is an extraordinary way for you to promote your organization or company while also encouraging a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

Whether you are using Reusable Glass Straws in your Restaurant drink, giving away Straws as gifts to supporters or employees, or selling them alongside your other merchandise, the durability and convenience of our Glass Straws ensures long-term effective marketing for your brand.

Our Fabric Glass straw holders are also sewn in Bali by a special community group of alter abled Indonesians called happy hearts.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with like-minded organizations that share our values. When you brand or co-brand a Straw you are making a choice to encourage others to live by the positive philosophy to reuse, reduce, recycle; making our world a cleaner, better, and healthier place.

  • End the need to buy plastic straws foreverBeOrganic -Bali
  • Improve and beautify your presentation
  • Show your customers you care about their health and the environment
  • Earn money from our POS Display
  • Show your support for a cleaner environment on Bali

BeOrganic is affiliated with Bali Angels, a charity for disabled Balinese people. Many of these people live in Senang Hati, a community center in Tampak Siring where they are provided with tools and materials to make beautiful art, music and products so that they can cultivate independence, confidence, pride and love. They make the covers for the straws and reap a percentage of the profits.

The Unforgettable Multi-Use BeOrganic Bag!

Our mission is to inspire people to adopt a
conscious reusable bag lifestyle, so people
can say no to wasteful single-use bags,
not just sometimes but every time!
BeOrganic is about offering effective
solutions to better your life and our world!
Bali Angels Multi-Use BE Organic Bag
Bali Angels Multi-Use BE Organic Bag
* Multi purpose decorative water gallon cover
* Shields water from harmful sun rays
* Unpacks to an over-sized shopping bag
* Stuffs into built-in pouch
* Easy-carry handles
* Easily fits into a pocket or purse
* Made of durable & rewashable silk nylon
* Available in a variety of colors
* Hand wash cold & hang to dry
* Estimated plastic bags saved 100 per person a year.
* 1 year limited warranty

Practical Enterprise Or Utopia?
The concept of creating a network of Angels and an institutional framework to support it comes from a desire to reprogram our conventional way of dealing with community problems, and uniting as a community. The notion is that no matter how serious or potentially harmful a challenge a constituency faces, the challenge can be reframed as a call to service, a need for greater awareness, or a catalyst for closer cooperation with the larger community.

BeOrganic does not consider the concept of "creating heaven on earth" as a far-reaching cry for an unrealistic utopia. It is a fact that there are and there will always be earthly struggles and challenges before the human race. The earth is undergoing strain and humanity is faced with personal and societal tussles on a daily basis. Bali Angels does, however, believe that those very struggles can create heroes, and that the intention, attitude, and beliefs brought to address those struggles are key factors in how they will play out.

Our Five Principles

SERVICE - To build broad community and business partnerships, and establish a solid volunteer network that gives back to society.
AWAKEN - To support consciousness raising, higher vibration living, creativity, and education
ACT - To offer creative solutions to common problems through ecofriendly business concepts, social activism, and other initiatives.
MOBILIZE - To generate and leverage resources to support our projects and initiatives (financial and human).
ENGAGE - To share information important to achieving our objectives.

For more information and to order please contact BeOrganic.

Or at our office at Villa Gaia, Jl. Sriwedari #5, Br Tegallantang, Ubud, Gianyar, Bali, Indonesia 80571

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