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Indonesia NGO

IDEP Foundation - Bali
Last modified: 2014-10-13 22:21:56

Yayasan IDEP is an Indonesian non-profit NGO (Non-Governmental Organization). IDEP Foundation Bali Indonesia
Innovative and effective, IDEP encourages program sharing with other grass roots projects through media and curriculum development.

We are committed to developing self-sustainability and directly empowering local communities to improve their own situations. We believe that permanent results can be achieved through local empowerment.


IDEP's vision is to help people understand our interconnectedness with nature and to support safe and sustainable lifestyles.

IDEP's vision: Safe and sustainable lives through understanding our interconnectedness with nature

IDEP achieves its goals by:

• Introducing sustainable living solutions for households, businesses, schools & communities
• Introducing innovative approaches to environmental education into local schools
• Working directly with local communities at the grass roots level to pilot test projects
• Constructing working demonstrations of small-scale organic food production
• Constructing demonstrations of appropriate technology for waste management and wastewater treatment
• Developing eco-literacy through community based development media & curriculums
• Sharing knowledge gained and media through local NGO networks
• Conducting media training & supporting local NGO partners with their program


Bangli Permaculture in Prison Project

           IDEP Permaculture Prison Project 2011 Bali Indonesia IDEP Permaculture Prison Project 2011 Bali Indonesia

IDEP Foundation and the Bangli State Prison in Bali is teaching prison inmates the importance of a sustainable culture by building organic permaculture sites at their correction facility.

This pioneer unique rehabilitative program in South East Asia teaches the inmates values of sustainability, teamwork, organizational skills, recycling, resource management, environmental awareness and nutrition. Since the beginning of this program in June 2010, over 74 inmates have been educated and have contributed into building and organizing a 170 m2 Permaculture site that grows 15 kinds of organic vegetables. All produce grown in their site is used to feed the prison inmates themselves. 

So far, the program has been greatly successful and requires continuous support to make more of this happen.

Anti-Deforestation, Education and Tree-planting Projects in West Bali

          IDEP Anti Deforestation Project Bali Indonesia IDEP Anti Deforestation Project Bali Indonesia

IDEP is taking off on a new campaign, which involves all of our causes of Permaculture, Agro-forestry, Disaster Risk Reduction and School Education. One project team led by our Program Leader Sayu Maharani, is currently working with close local partners to re-vegetate one of Bali's most deforested jungle area in Jembrana, West Bali.

This agro-forestry project begun in August and has located one particular patch of forest to be re-vegetated with plantation systems that include productive trees to reduce the risk of landslide and erosive disasters.

A school environment education program also has begun, with more than 3 of the local schools of Jembrana district learning about sustainability, recycling, disaster risk reduction and the importance of environmental conservation.

A recent visit by the IDEP's team to the schools confirmed the success these classes have on the local students, with the kids learning creative and fun techniques of environmental education through song writing, class performances and hands-on gardening. IDEP plans to continue with these school programs, and include in-house permaculture and seed-saving gardens tended by the students.

Non-organic Waste Management Program in Nusa Ceningan

          IDEP Waste Management Program Bali Indonesia IDEP Waste Management Program Bali Indonesia

In efforts to decrease the overwhelming amount of non-organic waste on Nusa Ceningan Island while alleviating the island's economy through an alternative method of recycling, IDEP in participation with elementary schools and womens' groups has embarked on a project to increase the skills, knowledge and awareness of the community.

The activities of this program include training of the students and women's groups in recycling paper and plastic materials to be converted into marketable practical items such as bags and multipurpose cases. The products are later sold in various Community Awareness outlets and supporting stores in Bali. This proves a successful effort in educating the community of Nusa Ceningan on the importance of economic sustainability and environmental conservation.

The second part of this program includes training in advanced management of seaweed products, which is a native specialty to Nusa Ceningan.

Learnscapes - Environmental Education Programs in Bali Schools

          IDEP Environmental Education School Program Bali Indonesia IDEP Environmental Education School Program Bali Indonesia

Since 2000, IDEP has produced education materials, model projects and training programs to increase the eco-literacy and problem-solving skills to Indonesia's school children and their teachers. This ‘Learnscapes' program has received multiple commendations from official Governmental Education departments in various provinces in Bali.

In 2009, IDEP in cooperation with TROCAIRE runs a Disaster Risk Reduction Education program in 10 elementary schools in Bali who have experienced or are located in disaster-prone areas. Various games and media produced by IDEP related to disaster management and environmental awareness were distributed in the schools.

The main activities of this Environmental Education program include training and education in organic and non-organic waste management in and around the school compound and villages, paper recycling methods, and the advocacy and integration of the 3R principle (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle). In the Disaster Management Education program, film screenings, incidental earthquake simulations, evacuation mapping techniques and first aid response classes were conducted with great success and response from the students. IDEP strives to expand this program to more schools in Bali this year.

Forest Conservation through Revegetation& Honey Bee Cultivation in Les, Bali

          IDEP Forest Conservation Honey Bee Bali Indonesia IDEP Forest Conservation Honey Bee Bali Indonesia

In efforts to decrease deforestation, land erosion, forest fires and water shortage issues in Les village while increasing environmental conservation and disaster risk awareness of the community, IDEP currently runs a program of revegetating the forest with productive trees.

Understanding the economic and medicinal value of cultivating honeybee farms, IDEP provides training to the local farmers to support them in this alternative livelihood initiative. Environmental conservation education is also conducted in the schools around Les to instill knowledge on forestry and water conservation to the younger generations. So far, 2000 Longan trees have been planted in the deforested areas of Les, with great success of local environmental groups and schools participating in this venture.


IDEP Disaster Management Media Resources Bali Indonesia

Community-based Disaster Management (CBDM) Media (Bi-lingual)

  • CBDM Manual& Resource Book
  • CBDM Comic Books - Volcano, Tsunami, Storm & Typhoon, Floods, Terrorism, Landslide, Earthquake & Building Peace
  • Guide Booklet: Emergency First Aid
  • Guide Booklet for Disaster Areas
  • CBDM Facilitator Resources DVD
  • Let's Get Prepared CBDM Videos
  • Tales of Disaster Videos
  • Factsheets, Posters, Banners
IDEP Permaculture Media Resources Bali Indonesia

Permaculture Resources (Bi-lingual)

  • Permacuture Resource Book
  • Permaculture Facilitator's Handbook
  • Permaculture Facilitators' Training & Assessment Resources
  • ‘About Permaculture' Trainers' Flip-chart Set
  • Permaculture Facilitator's Resources DVD
  • Let's be Friends with the Environment Education Videos
  • Factsheets, Posters, Banners



 IDEP Mesia & Advocacy Resources Bali Indonesia

Media & Advocacy Resources (Bi-lingual)

  • Make Media That Works Handbook
  • Let's Make Videos (Indonesian only)
  • Media & Advocacy Resources DVD-Rom
 IDEP Education Resources Learnscapes Bali Indonesia

Education (Learnscapes) Resources

  • Teacher's Manual for Environmental Education & Disaster Preparedness - Primary Level Education (Indonesian only)
  • What Do You Know About GMO? - NGO & Community training kit (Bi-lingual)
  • The Seed Saving Story - A mini comic booklet (Bi-lingual)
  • ‘Learnscapes' Resources DVD for working with children (Bi-lingual)
  • I Know Lots of Things About Disasters children's activity book (Bi-lingual)
  • Riskland: We Can Prevent Disasters! - Disaster Education Game (Indonesian)
  • Snakes & Ladders: We Are Prepared! - Disaster Education Game (Bi-lingual)
  • Permaculture Children's Activity Book (Bi-lingual)
  • Snakes & Ladders: Let's be friends with the Environment - Environmental Education Game (Bi-lingual)
  • Factsheets, Posters & Banners

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Yayasan IDEP Selaras Alam

Our Office & Demosite Address: Br.Dauh Umah, Desa Batun, Sukawati, Gianyar 80582, Bali - Indonesia
Telephone/fax +62 361 294993

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