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Bali Rungu Organic Farm - Bali
Last modified: 2014-06-14 02:33:44

Bali Rungu Organic Farm Gede GreenBali Rungu (which means Bali Cares and Care About Bali) is Balinese owned and managed. Gede Green currently sells over 50 varieties of vegetables, fruits, and herbs to

Restaurants, hotels, bakeries, yoga groups (with a program to grow specifically to demand).

Home deliveries in or near Ubud

Ubud Organic Farmers Market every Saturday and Wednesday

Samadi Sunday Market in Canggu

Ask about Gede's organic mulberries.
Since 2006, Bali Rungu has been
supplying mulberries to
restaurants, bakeries, hotels,
and market/home delivery buyers.


Bali Rungu Organic Farm grows on a total of 125 are of land - purchased, rented, and historical family land.

A small number of items are seasonal and new items are always being added through seed testing and seed saving. Gede is actively looking for new buyers to expand in Bali.

In 2005, Bali Rungu started when Gede Green, a young poor village man who perceived he had no future, returned from a Permaculture course at a new Permaculture School (Yayasan Permakultur Aceh) in Aceh and started converting his family's farm land to ‘modern' techniques. After a year of ‘in the field experiments', Gede produced and started selling a variety of vegetables. He wasn't able to keep up with demand and, borrowing from foreign investors, purchased 2.2 hectare of farm land in his village. More about Gede and his family and experiences at www.baliorganicproject.typepad.com/.

Gede is very serious about his project, and he is motivated to show people in his village about healthy food and to show others about learning, change and new ideas as long as those ideas are about making healthy things for a lot of people.

Bali Rungu Organic Farm Gede GreenFertilizers, sprays, compost & mulching - Bali Rungu practices organic and Permaculture techniques for fertilizing the land. This includes green manure, composting, mulching, and crop rotation. Purchased and/or chemical fertilizers are never used at Bali Rungu.

If needed, a spray is made from local leaves, fruits, or organic soaps and oils. Some of the recipes are from the old people in the village. This has been a trial-and-error process. One of the sprays is now being sold for trees.

Bali Rungu Organic Farm Gede GreenPlants are inspected frequently and predators removed by hand. Healthy plants usually do not attract predators so composting, mulching, green manures, and composted cow manure only from organically fed cows help keep plants healthy and returns nutrients to the soil. Sometimes an infested plant is not removed so that it weakens and predators go to only that plant. Weeds are either composted or burned off site. Companion planting is used. Due to a lack of materials for mulch, as with other farms, rice straw may be used. All of this is a very labor intensive, manual process.

Water - Only clean, pure rain water or spring water is used on the farm. The farm has two sources of underground spring fed water (coming directly out of the land, approximately 15 meters below the farming surface). No other water enters the farm. Chemically laden subak (sawah) water is not available and is never used.

Seeds & seed saving - Seeds from Bali Rungu's seed saving program are used on the farm. An extensive seed saving program is in place so that seeds become stronger as the seeds acclimate to the farm soil. About 2% of the plants do not produce seeds which requires purchase of new organic seeds. However, for example, seeds from cherry tomatoes started from non-organic tomatoes in 2005 have been successfully grown into generations of organic seeds.
Bali Rungu Organic Farm Gede Green

Other information - Smoking and chemical soaps are not allowed on the farm. Where plastics are used for staff food or orders, all residues are removed. All staff regularly remove any plastic that may blow into the farm from surrounding village temple land.

Gede is looking for funding (donations) and resources for a local NGO to train about recycling in village schools with the hope that this will influence the village adults as well.

Bali Rungu Organic Farm now employes men and women from Desa Mayungan, providing better employment and working conditions while they learn organic farming.

Organic certification in Indonesia is, at this time, expensive it is out reach for all but cooperative or corporate Indonesian farmers. Bali Rungu sells "organically grown and self-certified" ensuring that nothing chemical happens or in used in the growing process. Until expensive certification is obtained, this is the most complete and honest guarantee that can be given by Bali Rungu. Bali Rungu welcomes visitors for inspection any time.  Please contact Gede to arrange your visit so he will be in Mayungan.

Please contact owner Gede Green email or 62.813.387.21705 to answer any questions or to ask about ordering.

Bali Rungu Organic Farm blog

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