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Koh Kuh Nut
Last modified: 2017-03-06 22:49:41

Koh Kuh Nut

What is coconut butter?

• Coconut butter is coconut flesh ground into a spread, similar to other nut butters such as peanut, almond or cashew.

Who is Koh Kuh Nut?

Koh Kuh Nut's Product

• An all-natural foods brand, hand-making a range of coconut butters in Ubud, Bali.
• Their mission is 'Global Health, One Spoon at a Time.' Koh Kuh Nut conducts sustainable practices to preserve the health of the planet and further commits to giving back to the earth by planning to work with environmental groups to preserve the land and thereby the coconut tree, the Tree of Life. 

What are the benefits of Koh Kuh Nut's coconut butters?

• More health benefits than just coconut oil alone, with a better, more delicious taste. Lower allergen option for those who may be allergic to traditional nut butters.
• Environmentally sustainable and economically priced.
• No added artificial flavorings, preservatives, or chemicals which makes it safe for your family to eat.
• Good for anyone including children and the elderly, yogis, surfers and athletes and a fantastic gift for any of your friends and family.
• Vegan

What is Koh Kuh Nut's range of products?

• All can be eaten straight from the spoon or used in a variety of ways.

Koh Kuh Nut Pure
Pure is smoothly blended coconut flesh that has a clean, very coconutty, and naturally sweet taste. It is their most versatile butter. Try using it to bulletproof tea or coffee, or blend into savory dishes for a taste of the tropics.
RRP IDR92,000

Koh Kuh Nut Toastie
Toastie is finely toasted coconut with a deep, highly aromatic nutty flavor like traditional nut butter, but provides an amazing alternative for those who may be allergic to peanuts or other nuts. Delicious on bread, fruit or vegetables.
RRP IDR92,000

Koh Kuh Nut Cacao
Cacao is their own secret recipe developed to incorporate the great taste of coconuts and richly decadent cacao. A luxurious chocolate-flavored spread that is a favorite of all, especially children.
RRP IDR97,000

Contact Details and Social Media

• For free delivery to your door in the Ubud area please email your direct order to Koh Kuh Nut email, payment is cash on delivery.
• For other areas please email to find out your closest store.
• If you wish to sell their products at your store please email.

• For all their latest news and happenings;
- Like and follow them on Instagram @kohkuhnut
- Like and follow them on Facebook @kohkuhnut

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