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Jiwa Damai Organic Garden and Retreat Center - Bali
Last modified: 2016-09-23 02:54:39

Jiwa Damai Products

All benefits from Jiwa Damai product sales are supporting the programs of our social-educational Lagu Damai Bali Foundation.

Jiwa Damai Coconut Oil

Jiwa Damai organic garden is designed in accordance with agro-permaculture principles.

We use EM (effective microorganisms) as well as IMO (indigenous microorganisms) to enrich our earth. No machine or chemical fertilizers are used. All plants and trees are cared for lovingly by hand. Set in a tropical region with much sun, surrounded by protective coconut palm trees, our fruit and veggies contain very high energetic-nutritional values.

This is enhanced by our many beehives in the centre of the garden, pollinating the coconut trees as well as flowers. The trees seem to like the sound of the bees and the many birds nesting. The coconut trees have increased the amount of nuts they carry each year. All our products are hand picked and processed by hand.

Virgin coconut oil

Jiwa Damai Coconut OilJiwa Damai Coconut OilIn Asia the coconut trees are considered the tree of life. There are many healthy and healing ingredients found in the oil. It is gently processed at below 35 °C, with multiple filtering and without any use of preservatives. It is an ideal health food with many benefits and with a shelf life of over 3 years. It will turn into cream at below 25 °C. Use it on your skin or in your foods and drinks. Our virgin oil contains up to 57% of lauric acid, found in the mother milk enhancing physical health and boosting the immune system. The oil is packaged in glass containers.

For more on health benefits please read > Bali Virgin Coconut Oil pdf.

Watch how coconuts are harvested! > How to get coconuts video.

Jiwa Damai Organic Garden and Retreat Center - Bali

Jalan Melati No. 2, Banjar Bindu
Mambal, Badung 80352
Bali, Indonesia

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