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"Cloned food. GMOs and rBGH. Oh my! Interesting how swiftly these food technologies were rushed to market, when organic fought for 13 years to become federal law. Eleven years ago, genetically modified food was not part of our food supply; today an astounding 30 percent of our cropland is planted in GMOs. Organic is the only de facto seal of reassurance against these and other modern, lab-produced additions to our food supply, and the only food term with built in inspections and federal regulatory teeth." www.organic.org

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Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:52:05

Women entrepreneurs are growing the organic food sector with the introduction of innovative new products. Many get started when they become concerned about their kids' eating habits, says food consultant Kim Greenfeld of Campo Verde Solutions in Needham, Mass (USA).

Keywords: organic, Woman Entrepreneur, entrepreneurs, food sector, innovation
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:53:33
2010 International Year of Biodiversity January 11, 2010 marked the launch of the International Year of Biodiversity under the theme Biodiversity is Life - Biodiversity is Our Life. It is a theme of critical interest to farmers since biodiversity and agriculture are interdependent; both are also key elements to address climate change and food security. Conserving biodiversity is a shared responsibility of stakeholders worldwide, and farmers are willing to do their part.
Keywords: International Year of Biodiversity, International Federation of Agricultural Producers, IFAP, biodiversity, life, farmers voice, sustainable solutions
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:51:49

If economic uncertainty steers the direction of product development, will it lead to a one-dimensional goal of producing the cheapest possible product? If so, one may wonder where that would that leave organic products, which most often have an unavoidable price premium.

However, marketers could seize the moment in this frugal economy to dust off any lingering misperception of organic as an elite trend, emphasizing dedication to the highest quality. For many consumers, organic is part of the vanguard of a new direction for food production. There is an opportunity to forge a fresh message-the organic industry is in it for the long haul, and there's room for much more growth and innovation.

Keywords: organic, innovation, new products, options, motivations, projects
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:51:30

India: Organic Farming Saves Lives and Land

There, conventional chemical-dependant agricultural practices are linked to terms like 'suicide belt' and 'cancer trains', and represent serious environmental degradation; these practices are literally contributing to the deaths of farmers and their land. The current situation is deplorable, yet there is hope. Thanks to the work of local organizations, and with support from Greengrants, organic farming movements are empowering people to build better livelihoods and safer environments.

Keywords: Global Greengrants Fund, India, Green Revoluntio
Let's change into organic farming - Yulianto Hadi Prasetyo
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:51:10
Let's change into organic farming - Yulianto Hadi PrasetyoLet's change into organic farming - Yulianto Hadi Prasetyo, Indonesia

It's a Flickr link - but worth a look at this great photo - and you can follow the link!

This picture has been taken in Indonesia, Jakarta by Yulianto Hadi Prasetyo. Into Organic Rice; Nowadays farmers use too much perticides and chemical fertilizers too grow rice field. The chemical leaves residue that endangers our health. I think it's now time to change into organic farming to develop better life.


Keywords: Yulianto Hadi Prasetyo, Indonesia, organic, Let's change into organic
Last modified: 2010-03-16 19:53:13

Why Organic Food Is Better Food

The Organic Premise: Many people are aware that food grown according to organic principles is free from exposure to harmful herbicides and pesticides, but that is only one small aspect of organic agriculture. A larger part of organic agriculture involves the health of the soil and the ecosystem in which crops and livestock are raised. Organic farmers recognize that healthy, vibrant, and live soils and ecosystems significantly benefit crops. Natural, undisturbed soil is alive with microbiotic organisms that exist in harmony with the native plant life and the inorganic minerals that provide the soil's substrate.

Keywords: organic, premise, principles, sustainable, fertility, agriculture
Sustainable Agriculture - The Role and Potential of Secondary Crops
Last modified: 2010-02-14 19:41:22

PDF document from UNESCAP - CAPSA  Indonesia


Keywords: sustainable, farming, crops, UNESCAP, CAPSA
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