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"Cloned food. GMOs and rBGH. Oh my! Interesting how swiftly these food technologies were rushed to market, when organic fought for 13 years to become federal law. Eleven years ago, genetically modified food was not part of our food supply; today an astounding 30 percent of our cropland is planted in GMOs. Organic is the only de facto seal of reassurance against these and other modern, lab-produced additions to our food supply, and the only food term with built in inspections and federal regulatory teeth." www.organic.org

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Last modified: 2010-05-06 19:28:49

DYERSBURG, Tenn, USA - For 15 years, Eddie Anderson, a farmer, has been a strict adherent of no-till agriculture, an environmentally friendly technique that all but eliminates plowing to curb erosion and the harmful runoff of fertilizers and pesticides.

But not this year.

Keywords: Indonesia, organic, organik, Roundup, NY Times, resistant weeds
Last modified: 2011-02-01 20:05:38

Maria Rodale talks about the many ways that organic farming and food can address what's wrong with chemical agriculture.

Keywords: Rodale Press, www.rodale.com, sion for health, wellness and environment, Why Organic, kenapa organik, diseases linked to agricultural chemicals, economics, Maria Rodale
Last modified: 2010-05-04 20:05:50

Recent research indicates that organic farming can feed the world, and is actually making a significant difference everywhere. In the United States and Europe, universities are reporting that organically produced food will address the problems of hunger and poverty facing the world's growing population. This is not a surprising finding for organic farmers and advocates of organic agricultural production. The American worldview of agriculture is, in fact, making a radical shift.

Keywords: ow Organic Agriculture Can Feed the World, Alternative Agriculture, studies, organik
Last modified: 2010-04-29 19:55:16

The dreams of the early organic pioneers have been subsumed into a rush for global supply chains, strict regulations and fast-selling brands.

Keywords: organic, organik, farming, Julian Rose, Changing Course for Life, Local Solutions, Global Problems
Last modified: 2010-04-23 03:07:52

NOW that Congress has pushed through its complicated legislation to reform the health insurance system, it could take one more simple step to protect the health of all Americans. This one wouldn't raise any taxes or make any further changes to our health insurance system, so it could be quickly passed by Congress with an outpouring of bipartisan support. Or could it?

Keywords: NY Times, Cows on Drugs, Donald Kennedy, antibiotic, resistence, agribusiness, bacterial resistant, Joshua Sharfstein, FDA
Last modified: 2010-04-23 03:02:01


To enter a farmers' market in a U.S. city in the summer is to experience firsthand the recent revival of small-scale farming. Stand after stand offers a dazzling variety of chemical-free produce, pasture-raised meat and eggs, farmstead cheeses, and more.

Yet in a sense, our teeming, bountiful farmers markets amount to a gloss on a food system that rewards scale and cheapness over all other factors--including quality, nutrition, ecological sustainability, social justice, and a sense of place. While farmers markets, community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs, and "locavore" restaurants have proliferated over the past decade, they still provide just a tiny portion of the calories consumed by Americans.


Keywords: Grist, reinvest, food system, infrastructure, food system
Last modified: 2010-04-23 02:51:34

Action Alert of the Week: Stop Factory Farm Production of "Organic" Poultry & Eggs

Get Synthetic Methionine Out of "Organic" Feed!

Keywords: international, organic, eggs, poultry, free range, United Egg Producers, Organic Bytes
Last modified: 2010-04-17 19:49:40

East Timor is no longer a part of Indonesia although it was for almost 25 years.  This article is listed to highlight the success of the industry there, the success of Cooperative Cafe Timor in becoming one of the largest world suppliers of coffee.  As noted in the article, the coffee has always been organic.

Keywords: coffee, organic, East Timor, Cooperative, Cafe Timor, Indonesia
Last modified: 2010-04-17 19:42:37

ScienceDaily (Nov. 20, 2009) - Sustainable farming, initially adopted to preserve soil quality for future generations, may also play a role in maintaining a healthy climate, according to researchers at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge and Los Alamos national laboratories.

Keywords: ScienceDaily, sustainable farming, healthy, climate, preserve soil, ORNL, LANL
Last modified: 2010-04-16 19:54:52

1. Reduce The Toxic Load: Keep Chemicals Out of the Air, Water, Soil and our Bodies
Buying organic food promotes a less toxic environment for all living things. With only 0.5 percent of crop and pasture land in organic, according to USDA that leaves 99.5 percent of farm acres in the U.S. at risk of exposure to noxious agricultural chemicals.

Our bodies are the environment so supporting organic agriculture doesn't just benefit your family, it helps all families live less toxically.

Keywords: Top Ten Reasons, organic, organik, organic.org, Scowcroft, Tawse, Alan Greene, MD,
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