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Fair Trade in Indonesia

"Fair Trade is more than just trading: it proves that greater justice in world trade is possible. It highlights the need for change in the rules and practice of conventional trade and shows how a successful business can also put people first."  www.wtfo.com

Misi Kami - Our mission is to provide a central resource for everything organic in Indonesia - all organic businesses - large and small. Send us information about organic / natural product businesses you know.   Contact us.

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Forum Fair Trade Indonesia (FFTI) adalah organisasi payung bagi organisasi fair trade di Indonesia, berbentuk perkumpulan sebagi wadah bagi gerakan fair trade di Indonesia. FFTI saat ini juga merupakan Country Network dari World Fair Trade Organization Asia (WFTO Asia). Dikenal sebagai WFTO Indonesia, bekerjasama secara seimbang bagi kemajuan fair trade di Indonesia, Asia dan Dunia.

(FFTI) is an umbrella organization for fair trade organizations in Indonesia, is an association organization which its priority is to support its members. FFTI also known as a Country Network for WFTO-Asia and working together as a partner to empowering fair trade in Indonesia, Asia and International.

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WALHI - Bali
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WALHI Bali adalah organisasi lingkungan berbentuk forum yang bergerak di advokasi kebijakan. Melalui Website ini kami harap kawan-kawan dapat melihat, membaca dan memahami apa yang telah terjadi dengan lingkungan kita. dan tidak berhenti ditahap itu saja, kami berharap kita bisa besama-sama melakukan sesuatu terhadap Lingkungan kita.

WALHI Bali forum is shaped by environmental organizations engaged in policy advocacy. Through this website we hope that friends can view, read and understand what has happened with our environment . and did not stop ditahap only that, we hope we can besama together to do something about our environment.


Keywords: WALHI, Bali, Fair Trade, environment, Indonesia, organization, organisasi, lingkungan
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Since 1993, Mitra Bali has been actively participating in Bali's economic and social Mitra Bali Fair Trade
development by working to empower a large group of handicraft producers. One of Bali's great sources of potential are the skilled hands its citizens that create bountiful quantities of crafts and souvenirs for the tourists, who traverse the rich and beautiful soil of this island.

Keywords: Indonesia, Fair Trade, Mitra Bali, Bali, handicraft, tourism, training
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Pekerti Foundation Fair Trade IndonesiaPekerti stands for Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia or Indonesian People's Folk Art and Handicraft Foundation. We are an Indonesian Fair Trade supplier and social development organisation formed in Jakarta in 1975. Pekerti was the first Fair Trade member to be established in Indonesia and one of the first in the world. Our mandate is to increase the incomes of subsistence farmers and other poor people living in rural Indonesia through the development and sale of Fair Trade handicrafts.

Keywords: Indonesia, Fair Trade, Pekerti, Foundation, Java, Pekerti Nusantara, handicrafts, Pengembangan Kerajinan Rakyat Indonesia, Indonesian People's Folk Art and Handicraft Foundation
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CD Bethesda Fair Trade IndonesiaA nonprofit organization, CD Bethesda is an outreach unit of Bethesda Hospital, the oldest hospital in Yogyakarta. Bethesda’s holistic health service includes building healthy, prosperous and self-reliant communities. The CD Bethesda handicraft production unit works with groups of artisans who create items from wood, leather, bamboo, ceramic, metal, batik and stone.

Keywords: Indonesia, Fair Trade, non-profit, outreach, CD Bethesda, handicraft, Ten Thousand Villages, community project
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Apikri Fair Trade IndonesiaApikri, one of fair trade promotors in Indonesia. It's a uniquely body which combining of community and marketing development with co-operative as the legal basis to empower micro and small handicraft producers.  Apikri is opened organization. Now owned by 61 micro handicraft families, founders and all Management and Staff of Apikri office. Each micro handicraft producer owned by family bisnis could be a Participant before become a member of Apikri.  The absolute authority is in the hands of Members through Members Meeting.

Keywords: Indonesia, Fair Trade, Apikri, cooperative, The Foundation for the Development of the Indonesian People's Handicraft Producers, handicraft, empowerment, community development, marketing facilitation
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