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"People are applying the precautionary principle to their own lives by purchasing food that has not been produced by industrial methods. From the simple stance of hazard avoidance, organically produced food is the best option that we have." Dr. Vyvyan Howard, toxico-pathologist, University of Liverpool, UK

Misi Kami - Our mission is to provide a central resource for everything organic in Indonesia - all organic businesses - large and small. Send us information about organic / natural product businesses you know. Contact us.

Bali Buda Health Cafe & Shops - 5 locations in Bali
Last modified: 2015-10-06 02:42:46

Bali Buda - Real Food by Real People. Bali Buda Cafe & Health Food Stores - BaliIn our health food shop we sell a wide range of local & imported organic foods, as well as natural household, skincare & alternative products. Enjoy any of Bali Buda's meals or groceries via our home delivery service.

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Zula, Earth Cafe, Paradiso, Divine Earth, Down to Earth - Bali
Last modified: 2015-10-28 00:31:17

Zula, Earth Market, Down to Earth Market - 3 destinations in Bali to stock up on organic supplies Down to Earth - Bali
Adjacent to the vegetarian restaurants in Seminyak and Ubud, Down To Earth Health stores carry an extensive choice of imported and house-made produces. From raw foods, bakery, food supplements to skin care, cleaning products and jewelry, Zula, Earth Market and Down To Earth Market are key destinations for organic shopping.

Keywords: restaurant, supermarket, home delivery, catering, distribution, organic, vegetarian, macrobiotics, food, eco products, health, Bali, Indonesia
Juice Ja Cafe, Bakery & Store - Bali
Last modified: 2015-08-13 00:08:28

Juice Ja Cafe Ubud BaliOur delectable Bakery and Desserts Menu includes Juice Ja's Famous Carrot Cake (proclaimed by customers as "the best in Bali"), Mulberry Mango Crumble, Passion fruit Chocolate Crepe, and Coconut Macaroons.  Our special care brings a homemade quality to all our baked goods - to taste like the best your mother ever made.

Keywords: Bakery, baked food, Ubud, Bali, Organic, Juice Ja, restaurant, healthy food, juices, local, jam, deli, store, environment
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