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Coffee, Tea

"I think that the 10-year experiment with genetically engineered foods and genetically engineered animals and drugs is nearly over. We're going to look back at a certain point and say, 'Oh my god, we wasted an entire decade fighting about this when the debate should have been about chemical-intensive agriculture vs. organic agriculture." Ronnie Cummins, Organic Consumers Association, commenting on Monstanto's decision not to release its GM wheat due to consumer and farmer resistance

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Nadis Herbal Natural Products - Bali
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We combine a lot of natural resources here with good human resources so it will be effective and that means not wasted. We develop natural resources including cooperatives and training with local farmers so that they receive a fair price, can continue to grow with respect for the environment, and they learn the value of nature and natural growing and products.

Nadis Herbal Natural Products - Bali

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PPKGO, Indonesia Gayo Organic Farmers C An organic cooperative located in the Gayo Highlands of the Aceh provinceof Sumatra, Indonesia, PPKGO has 1900 members, and an annual production of 99 containers. Established in 1997, the co-operative is ethnically diverse, and contains Gayo, Javanese, Acehnese, Padangand Batak peoples among it's membership.

This region is an environmentally sensitive buffer zone, with sanctuaries for endangered species such as the Sumatran tiger, as well as containing large amounts of political conflict. Coffee is trucked from the co-op's processing mill in Takengon to the portof Medanalong stretches of road where rebel attacks are commonplace.

Keywords: Indonesia, coffee, organic, fair trade, Sumatra, cooperative, conservation
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The Koperasi Baitul Qiradh Baburrayyan (KBQB) is an independent registered co-opePPKGO - Sumatra Cooperative Coffeesrative originally formed in 2002 by 63 farmers in the Indonesian Province of Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam (NAD), specifically in the highland District of Central Aceh. However, because of the internal civil war being waged within the province, it did not commence any significant coffee operations until after the peace treaty had been signed in August 2005, following the devastation of the Aceh coastal areas caused by the massive earthquake and tsunami that occurred late in 2004.
Keywords: organic, coffee, Sumatra, fair trade, cooperative, export, certified
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