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International NGO

"From the beginning, ForesTrade (Indoneisa) was built on the premise that business can and should be used to promote sustainable development, environmental conservation, and socio-economic progress".  Husband and wife co-founders, Thomas Fricke and Sylvia Blanchet

Misi Kami - Our mission is to provide a central resource for everything organic in Indonesia - all organic businesses - large and small. Send us information about organic / natural product businesses you know.  Contact us.

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Muntigunung Development Program - a holistic community-focused project

In combination to our goals of improving the standard of living, Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise - Baliour principles are centered on encouraging local involvement and participation, respecting local customs and tradition, and transparency throughout our decision process. The core of our work can be broken up into four phases.

Together, VZK and YDD developed strategic goals to not only to provide these people with an income but also to boost their self-esteem.

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PANAP Empowering People for Change  Pesticides Action Network Asia Pacific PANAP
Since its inception as an independent organisation, PAN AP has situated itself in the grassroots movements of Asia and as such has gained strength from these linkages.

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VECO Indonesia is Vredeseilanden Country Office Indonesia, A Belgium NGO.

We want to contribute to viable livelihoods of organized family farmers (male and female) by supporting the development of sustainable agriculture chains (SACD) of agricultural products in Indonesia. This includes the different aspects of agricultural chains: production, processing, marketing until consumer purchase.

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