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Situs yang menghubungkan pembeli dan penjual

Mengubah cara orang hidup, menjual, membeli dan memperoleh keuntungan sambil pulihkan lingkungan Indonesia yang rusak - untuk jangka panjang

Koran digital www.indonesiaorganic.com

  • menghubungkan pembeli dan penjual produk/servis organic dan eco
  • mengurangi biaya pemasaran
  • meningkatkan efektivitas pemasaran
  • jadi bisnis menjual lebih
  • petani berkembang dan memproduksi lebih
  • semua menghasilkan lebih tinggi

Website connecting buyers and sellers

Changing the way people live, sell, buy and profit while recovering the damaged environment of Indonesia – for the long term

Gateway portal www.indonesiaorganic.com

  • connecting buyers and sellers of organic and eco products/services
  • reducing marketing costs
  • increasing marketing effectiveness
  • so businesses sell more
  • farmers grow and produce more
  • all earn higher incomes
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R.O.L.E. Foundation Weaving Futures Project - Bali

R.O.L.E. Foundation Weaving Futures Project - Bali

Weaving Futures: Weaving using Organic Cotton and Natural Dyes. The Bukit Weavers Association was established through ROLE and are now going into business for themselves. R.O.L.E. Foundation and it's BaliWISE Women's Business Development Program are proud to announce the return of weaving of naturally dyed organic cottons by local women on the Bukit.

Juice Ja Jaga Jagat Jams & Chutneys - Bali

Juice Ja Jaga Jagat Jams & Chutneys - Bali

Jaga Jagat is an artisanal manufacturing company of hand made jams, chutneys, sauces, liqueurs, nut butters and salad dressings. Jaga Jagat products are made in small quantities, so their quality can be guaranteed. Juice Ja uses locally grown ingredients, mostly from their own organic farm and local unbleached cane sugar or palm sugar. They don't use preservatives or colorants. With a special quick-cooking process, the fruits retain their full freshness. Jaga Jagat Jams are low sugar. They contain more than 65% fruit and less than 35% sugar.

Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali

Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali

A sustainable product and eco solution. Billions of plastic straws are discarded every year and theoretically can be recycled but rarely are. They don't degrade, last for ages and end up in landfills and littering oceans. When Putu started, he used bamboo from the family land. Now that is not enough so they have found the best quality bamboo from bamboo farmers in Singaraja (north Bali), naturally renewing and biodegradable. Putu sells across Indonesia and has exported to more than 4 countries.

ecoBali Recycling Composting - Bali

ecoBali Recycling Composting - Bali

ecoBali Recycling and Kompos Bali have joined hands to provide you with composting systems that are suitable to your necessities, easy to maintain and make composting an easy and rewarding choice. Using their compost bins and combining kitchen waste, soil, garden waste and worms you can make beautiful compost all the time. Their unique layering process is wonderfully easy.

Bali Organic Corner - Bali

Bali Organic Corner - Bali

Fredy can analyze your garden soil and will work with artisan to prepare your food garden. He can supervises your garden, recomend vegetables and fruits that could be planting on your garden, prepare the soil, routine checks, training your staff and gardeners. Fredy can also give training to make compost.

CO2 neutral website www.indonesiaorganic.com is a CO2 Neutral Website
Websites emit carbon due to electricity consumption. Websites can help back the climate through our carbon reducing projects. More than 2,500 websites from 50 countries have already joined.

Let your website go green and receive icon and certificate to put on your website. It will help the climate and further strengthen the brand of your website. Register here.

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Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic