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What is IndonesiaOrganic?

Think of us as a virtual newspaper. Our news is what is happening in organics, our advertisements are paid by Indonesian organic enterprises.


  1. connect organic buyers and sellers
  2. help reduce costs of traditional marketing
  3. increase marketing effectiveness
  4. educate consumers about organics and a healthy life

Our goal is that farmers, producers and others who advertise here:

  1. sell more
  2. grow and produce more
  3. increase marketing effectiveness
  4. earn higher incomes

Cara Kerja Indonesia Organic www.indonesiaorganic.com

Apa itu IndonesiaOrganic? What is IndonesiaOrganic? Jiwa Damai Organic Garden and Retreat Center - Bali
Muntigunung Community Social Enterprise Trekking Bali Rungu Organic Farm - Bali

 Advertising options include:

  • Listing on category pages
  • Your Webpage with up to 1000 words + photos
  • Optional 25 word mini listing
  • Banner options - home page and category pages
  • All link to your email or website

You also receive:

  • Free inclusion in newsletters*
  • Free distribution in social media*
  • Free rotation to home page Featured Businesses*
  • Free referrals from inquiries

*For limited time

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ecoBali Recycling - Bali

ecoBali Recycling - Bali

ecoBali - Sustainable solutions to waste management, promoting responsible waste disposal and sustainable lifestyles in Bali. Waste management, environmental education, consultancies on EMS (Environmental Management Systems) for businesses and tourism sector, promotes and implements Environmental Best Practices and sustainable solutions.

Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali

Putu's Bamboo Straws - Bali

Produced by I Putu Agus Widiasa, a shy and industrious young Balinese man from a small village near Ubud. Putu's still in high school, and this is his first business. A sustainable product and eco solution. Billions of plastic straws are discarded every year; they don't degrade, last for ages and end up in landfills and littering oceans. Made from local bamboo stalks, naturally renewing and biodegradable.

Zula, Earth Cafe, Down to Earth - Bali

Zula, Earth Cafe, Down to Earth - Bali

Join us and we will let you discover the beauties of a more hidden Bali. Surrounded by lush jungles and rice fields; hidden on the riverbank of the Ye Ho in Tabanan. We are an environmentally friendly family run business with focus on our local surroundings and people.

Bali Rain Mist - Bali

Bali Rain Mist - Bali

Bali Rain Mist - Positive-Impact Air Fresheners. 100% natural aromatherapy air fresheners made from pure essential oils distilled from healing plants, and pure mountain rainwater collected as a sustainable livelihoods initiative for women in Bali. A safe, healthy and natural alternative to commercial air fresheners: the only ingredients found in Bali Rain Mist are those Nature produces in clouds and plants!

JED Village Ecotourism Network - Bali

JED Village Ecotourism Network - Bali

Spectacular Mountain Trekking
Nestled high up on the dry, north side of Mount Batur, Muntigunung is a community that is much less privileged compared to most areas in Bali but for one exception - it's magnificent view of the Indian Ocean and Mt. Agung.

CO2 neutral website www.indonesiaorganic.com is a CO2 Neutral Website
Websites emit carbon due to electricity consumption. Websites can help back the climate through our carbon reducing projects. More than 2,500 websites from 50 countries have already joined.

Let your website go green and receive icon and certificate to put on your website. It will help the climate and further strengthen the brand of your website. Register here.

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Bali Rain Mist - Bali
Natural Light Candle Company
KAFE - Bali
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic
Advertise here - contact Indonesia Organic